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XXII World Congress of Medical & Clinical Hypnosis, Krakow

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the XXII World Congress of Medical & Clinical Hypnosis in  Krakow. It was an even greater pleasure to be asked to present a Rapid Inductions Workshop.

Whether you are a doctor, surgeon, nurse, dentist or healthcare professional, clinic hypnosis, and the use of hypnotherapy techniques, can offer a wealth of resources for use in the field, working with outpatients and inpatients. This can enhance the patient experience, as well as helping staff to deliver the treatment necessary for the patient.

Rapid hypnotherapy approaches, and particularly Rapid Inductions (create the state of hypnosis), and Rapid Deepeners (intensify the state), enable the practitioner to work quickly and effectively in any situation.

In my training, I teach how to use popular rapid hypnosis approaches that are specifically adapted for clinic and medical use, together with some techniques designed for use by medics.

Medical emergency workers with a patient - hypnotherapy training for healthcare professionals

Krakow 2024 Resources

This highly practical workshop, intended for medical and clinical hypnosis practitioners, and those interested in rapid hypnosis in medical and clinical settings, considered the benefits and potential limitations of using rapid hypnosis approaches and explored a range of rapid authoritarian and permissive hypnosis inductions that can be used in medical, clinical, surgical and therapeutic settings. Participants during the workshop were able to observe, practice and discuss effective application.

Rapid Inductions For The Clinician & Therapist Manual

If you attended the conference, you may have accessed the manual via my LinkTree during the workshop.

For convenience, you can also click this link to view a PDF of the Rapid Inductions manual.

Rapid Hypnosis Inductions & Deepeners Training Videos

Here are some examples of the hypnosis techniques that I taught during my workshop, together with others which I think you may find useful.

8 Word Hand Drop
Butterfly Deepener
Eye Lock Suggestibility Test
Eye Roll Induction
Flutter Fingers Induction
Hand-Eye Focus Induction
Handshake Induction
Mag Hands Shock
Pen Top Induction
Rocking Deepener
Shoulder Tap Deepener
Steal Arm Convincer

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