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This blog offers a range of visualising success tips and techniques to enable you to develop as a hypnotherapist, whether you are planning to learn, currently a student, a new hypnotherapist or a veteran with decades of experience. At HypnoTC we are passionate about helping people to become the best hypnotherapist they can be, whether that involves great initial training or awesome upskill/ refresher training. To find out more about training with HypnoTC and becoming a professional hypnotherapist, click the button below.


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Visualising success

Do you have a desire to become a successful, or even a renowned hypnotherapist? If yes, we have some great techniques and top tips for you. Whether you are learning hypnotherapy, or looking to grow your practice, visualising success is the best way to progress faster.

Before we go into the benefits and techniques of visualisation, and specifically, visualising success, let’s understand what it is.


What’s visualising success?

Visualising success is the process of vividly imagining yourself succeeding in a particular situation and gaining an outcome you deem as a goal. For a budding hypnotherapist, that means conducting a successful session to help a client, whether that is letting go of an unhelpful habit, releasing a limiting belief, gaining insight, or even getting rid of trauma.


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How does visualising success work?

Visualising yourself succeeding helps you explore what it would be like to succeed. As you imagine this happening, so you can start to believe that you can indeed achieve success, giving you more confidence to embark in that direction.

Visualising (also known as mental rehearsal or active imagery) also reduces the fear of action, which helps you avoid procrastination. There are scientific studies proving the same as this study published in Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Psychology. It clearly concluded that those surgeons who practised visualisation performed surgeries better than those who didn’t.


What are the benefits of visualising success?

It’s time to look at some benefits of visualisation.

• Visualising success helps you learn a skill faster. That means you can strengthen your abilities and gain new or stronger ways of working with people.
• Visualising success helps you eliminate self-limiting beliefs by putting yourself in unfamiliar situations in advance and helping you practice overcoming obstacles.
• Visualisation can help you address anxiety by making the unfamiliar, familiar.
• Visualising success increases motivation by connecting you to what is possible.
• It enhances performance by enabling you to explore potentials without consequences. Rather than winging a new technique with a client, and the potential for it to hit issues, you can explore what those issues might be in advance as part of your visualising success process.


How to visualise success?

Of course, the technique used to visualise success matters a lot. The most effective techniques include:


Visualising Success Technique 1: Mental rehearsal

Sometimes referred to as ‘future pacing, mental rehearsal involves vividly imagining yourself doing something. For example, completing a successful session or helping a client eliminate a problem as a hypnotherapist. The core principle is to imagine the entire sequence of events in great detail to attain a required outcome. It makes you more confident while conducting the hypnotherapy session.

Follow the steps below to mentally rehearse a successful session:

Step 1: Sit in a quiet place in a comfortable position.

Step 2: Visualise the entire session from the moment the client walks in to the successful conclusion of the session. Go over every small detail, like the suggestions you will use, the likely response of the client, and so on.

Step 3: During the rehearsal, breathe deep and concentrate on the rehearsal, rather than small details in your surroundings.
Step 4: When you have rehearsed an ideal outcome, consider potential challenges and practice overcoming those.


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Visualising Success Technique 2: Vision Board

Some might question the thought of a vision board because it works. Its effectiveness is endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and many other celebrities. For those who aren’t aware, it’s a collage of images about your goals pasted on a board or a cardboard sheet. But how to use this technique as a hypnotherapist? Check the procedure below:

Step 1: Visualise your future as a successful hypnotherapist. What would it involve? Will it involve conducting back-to-back sessions? Gaining positive client testimonials? Speaking at events?

Step 2: Write down everything you can imagine being part of your successful future. Write them on a vision board or stick their representational images or related quotes to the vision board.

Step 3: Thereafter, make a list of habits that can help you achieve each one of those. For example, to learn hypnotherapy, you must devote 1 hour daily to learning, so write that down on the vision board.

Step 4: Lastly, place it such that you would view it multiple times a day.

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Visualising Success Technique 3: Affirmations

According to the International Journal for Multidisciplinary Research, positive self-affirmations can improve the performance of individuals in various domains like work, school, and relationships. That’s why it’s a powerful technique for anyone looking to learn hypnotherapy and become a better practitioner. Check the procedure below to know how to utilise it.

Step 1: Think about your goal, which, in this case, is to become a successful hypnotherapist. Write down statements starting with “I am…”. Example: I am a successful hypnotherapist.

Step 2: Say these statements out loud, preferably standing in front of a mirror at least thrice a day.

Step 3: While repeating these statements, concentrate fully on the statement and believe in them so that it invokes an emotional response. Make eye contact with yourself in that mirror.

Step 4: Do this consistently without missing a day.


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Visualise Success Technique 4: Creating visualisation triggers

Visualisation triggers are more action-oriented than methods described above. Such triggers can be a playlist, getting to a particular location like your clinic, or a particular time of the day. Train yourself through repetition to initiate actions whenever the trigger occurs.

The set of actions they trigger should contribute towards the goal achievement. To understand more, check the procedure below:

Step 1: Write down the trigger and what you plan to do when that trigger occurs. Read it multiple times throughout the day until you initialise it. Also, carry this paper with you wherever you go.

Step 2: Whenever the trigger occurs, start executing the actions you wrote down.
Example: You will learn hypnotherapy for 30 minutes daily once you return from the office. As soon as you come home, don’t make excuses and start going through the online course.

This requires practice, but after a while, it will become a habit, and habits are what will help you succeed.


Visualise Success Technique 5: Meditation

Combining meditation with visualisation is another great way to become a better hypnotherapist. The procedure is relatively simple.

Step 1: Begin your meditation session in the morning before you do anything else.

Step 2: Focus on visualising your goal to become a hypnotherapist and helping clients like it’s happening right in front of your eyes.

Step 3: In every session, visualise the same positive scenario.

It’s also a good idea to practise visualisation meditation before a difficult session with a client. That helps you gain more confidence and conduct the session in a better way.


Visualise Success Technique 6: Journaling

Imagining or visualising things isn’t working for you? If so, explore journaling. According to a study, writing things down frees up your mind, which helps you work better in your respective fields. It means the mere task of writing down your goal of learning hypnotherapy faster or helping clients can help you perform that activity better.

You might ask, what should you write about?


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As a budding hypnotherapist or a hypnotherapy student, you can write about:
• Why you want to learn hypnotherapy
• How you plan to help your clients
• Why you think you can become a good hypnotherapist
• Whether you learned anything new pertaining to hypnotherapy

Writing answers to these questions daily will help you cement your decision to learn hypnotherapy and get better at it. The only requirement is to write daily and not once in a while. Gladly, this method shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes once you get the hang of it.


Tips to visualise success more effectively

You may not be fully familiar with visualisation, so I will share a few tips below.


1. Engage all senses

Visualisation isn’t just about seeing images or imagining things. It won’t work until you involve all your senses. The best way is to feel how you would feel in that situation. Once the emotions kick in, it would be easy to involve all your senses.

Another way is to be as detailed as possible in visualising or journaling. That will help you invoke emotions.


2. Improve focusing time

You would notice every technique of visualisation requires undivided attention on your part. But, your attention will dwindle at the start. That’s fine! Slowly reduce the distractions, and you’ll be able to focus longer. Increase in focusing time will help you get better results.


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3. Make it a habit

Random visualisations don’t help. The only way you can believe that you will achieve your goal is to visualise success daily. Not only that, but the goals you visualise should be constant. Once you make visualising a habit, the positive effects start to kick in.


4. Stay relaxed

Does visualisation sound overwhelming? Worry not! Just pick one technique and stick to it for 1 month. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes daily. If you are anxious about the entire process, its effectiveness will be reduced.

The solution is to stay relaxed during the process. One way to do this is to visualise happy and confident scenarios where everything goes perfectly. That will cut out the stress from it.


5. Avoid overthinking

To those who haven’t tried visualisation before, it might sound like a chore, but that’s not true. Let’s say your goal is to complete your hypnotherapy course in 6 weeks.


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Instead of trying to visualise your learning for long hours, visualise devoting 1 hour each day to the course. That way, it doesn’t add to your list of worries, either.

Another way to avoid overthinking is to avoid the mundane details during visualisation, like the room you are in, the type of weather outside, etc. Stick to the important, intricate details and avoid the details that don’t matter. Doing so helps you avoid overthinking, and your mind won’t wander off in the wrong direction either.

Lastly, remember it takes time to master visualisation. Don’t be too harsh on yourself for that.


When to visualise for best results?

As a hypnotherapy student or a hypnotherapist, try visualisation at the following times.


1. Morning

Visualising, first thing in the morning can help you set the day’s tone and instil more confidence in you to learn and practise better.


2.Before a learning session

You can also visualise before the learning session and picture it going perfectly. The resultant confidence will help you learn faster.


3.Before a client session

Anticipating a difficult client session? Visualise in the buffer time before the session to conduct it confidently.


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Which successful individuals have used visualisation?

Time to look at some successful individuals who have used visualisation.


1. Jim Carrey

You might know Jim Carrey as a successful Movie star, but when he was struggling, he used visualisation to chart his way to riches. He spoke about the same on air with Oprah.


2.Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey shared on The Oprah Winfrey Show that she used vision boards to achieve her dreams. Check this video where she speaks more about vision boards.


3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

According to Forbes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is another celebrity who used visualisation to build his body and even advance his career in movies and politics.


Core hypnotherapy training visualising success arnold Schwarzenegger


With the power of visualisation, becoming a well-renowned hypnotherapist is no longer a difficult task. Just use the techniques highlighted above, and you will notice things changing for the better when it comes to your hypnotherapy skills within a few weeks.


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– written by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks and the HypnoTC team
(HypnoTC Director)

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks HypnoTC the Hypnotherapy Training Company



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