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Testimonials 2020

December 2020

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Class of December 2020

Rory and Kate have devised and perfected the most comprehensive hypnotherapy training course available. Serious content delivered with humour to keep you engaged. Practicals to ensure you develop the skills you need, and to allow you to experience the effects yourself. Plus, enough homework to keep you busy between course weekends, supplemented with videos and practical exercises. Cannot recommend highly enough. It’s an investment in you and gives tremendous value.

Nick Clark

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

If you want to become a hypnotherapist and are prepared to work hard, then this is the course for you. It’s comprehensive, challenging and well delivered. Exciting and nerve-wracking too, yet so satisfying knowing that you’ve had a thorough and extensive training and finish the course ready and able to take it out into the therapy world.

Jackie Thomson

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

As a qualified Psychologist I have always had an interest in the healing and caring professions. I attended some hypnosis sessions myself many years ago, and admittedly I was always fascinated particularly by the way the subconscious mind works. Thus, this course seemed a like natural step in my self-development.

The diploma in hypnotherapy course has been an absolute joy to partake in and complete, the level of support from my tutors, Kate and Rory, has been outstanding. They are wonderful teachers with a fabulous sense of humour. I would highly recommend anyone that is wanting to become a hypnotherapist to this course. Kate and Rory were always supportive, even during the unfortunate time we all faced this year (Covid/lockdown). Feedback was always constructive and to the point. All the subjects were covered in great depth.

The course was challenging at times, especially the amount of homework, and rewarding at the same time. Be prepared to spend a lot of hours revising the notes and doing extra-curricular work. Additionally, note a good level of English is essential. The manuals are easy to understand and well structured, and complement well the online resources. The course will give you a confidence in using new ways for healing purposes. I am excited at the prospect of sharing my newly acquired knowledge with my current and new clients.

Ultimately, the HypnoTC Hypnotherapy Diploma gives people the opportunity to transform their lives and change career direction in a fully flexible, accessible and affordable manner. Highly recommended.

Dorota Anna Azimov

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

A very comprehensive, thoroughly enjoyable course with lots and lots to learn, and loads of homework. I am confident that I can use the skills that I have acquired from this course going forward. I thoroughly recommend the course, the only advice I would give is to make sure to keep up with all the homework (there is a lot). Apart from that, I’d like to say thank you to Rory and Kate for everything that they’ve done for me.

Roger Jarvis

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

I came with an interest in hypnotherapy and left as a hypnotherapist. My journey has been both professional and for personal development. Personally, I have gained a great deal of insight into myself and I feel I have discovered aspects of my personality unknown to me before. I definitely strongly recommend that if you have any interest in finding out about hypnotherapy that you take that step. This is the course for you.

Sharon Ferris

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

Rory and Kate are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. They invite you to learn the “logic” of every therapy technique, rather than just memorising scripts. Very satisfied to have chosen HypnoTC as my course provider. Thumbs up and five stars to HypnoTC!

Marco Flores

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

The course was spectacular. The support, the dedication, Rory and Kate have been absolutely amazing. They will definitely push you to your limits, but they will make you succeed. They’re the best hypnotists and the course they’ve put together is phenomenal. I’d recommend it to absolutely anybody.

Kieran Simpson

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

All the hard work and investment to this course has been one of the best commitments I have made. The depth of this course’s topics/content are of an exceptional standard, I learned so much from it that I wouldn’t have done from any other course. The quality of knowledge and practise on the subject have been of such a high level! I’m so pleased that I took this course, I would always recommend it.

Zoe S.

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

I have learnt so much. I didn’t realise quite how much work I was going to have to do which is probably a good thing as I might not have done it, and then I would have missed out on one of the best challenges I’ve undertaken. It has been one of the best years of my life, despite coronavirus, due partly to this course. This is a life changing course, my whole approach to doing therapy has been overhauled and revolutionised. This is the best value for money training I have done. Thank you so much.

Mark Thomson

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

Joining this course was the best decision I have ever made. It completely exceeded my expectations, and gave me a wealth of in-depth knowledge. Rory and Kate’s expertise and polished tutoring skills, not to mention their brilliant sense of humour, helped me and my cohort perform to the best of our abilities – and achieve the qualification we wanted.

Jon N.

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

If you are thinking about, interested in, or see yourself as a hypnotherapist, then there is no better course which will build your skills, challenge your beliefs and support your growth in the field. Kate and Rory are thoroughly engaging and supportive in helping you to achieve your goals, and are experts in the field. I can highly recommend the HypnoTC course.

Jodie Phillips

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

I’ve never been on a course that’s been so eye opening before. I’d absolutely recommend it to everyone, and that’s from someone who was so nervous about signing up to this course and making that decision. It’s changed a lot about my life. I’ve discovered things about myself and others that I never thought I would experience. You will learn so much. Highly recommend it!

Ben Bowen

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020

I have had a wonderful experience and gained knowledge doing Rory’s and Kate’s HypnoTC Diploma course. I must admit that I learnt more theoretical information, practical skills and gained greater insight into the human mind and behaviour that I gained whilst studying doing a psychology undergraduate degree (3yrs) at university. If you’re really looking for a professional course, this is the one to go for.

Matej N.

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2020


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