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Testimonials 2019

October 2019

Student Testimonials Video

Class of October 2019

Kate and Rory are the go-to people in the hypnotherapy world. They both have a wealth of knowledge and they make a great team together. The course has shaped me personally and I feel I have grown and developed professionally. I THOROUGHLY recommend HypnoTC as being arguably the best training in hypnotherapy. Thank you Kate and Rory.

Colleen Rawlings

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

I’ve really enjoyed the course, it’s been very thorough with no aspect of hypnotherapy left uncovered. The workload has been a challenge at times, but every month I’ve learnt more and more. The support from Rory and Kate and my fellow students has been absolutely invaluable. I’ve grown as a person and am really excited now to go forward and hypnotise!

Ami Tyler

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

Kate and Rory are excellent hypnotherapy trainers. They have such an amazing in-depth knowledge of the subject and the course is exceedingly comprehensive. Be aware that when they tell you there’s a lot of homework and to make sure you do your best to keep it up to date, that you believe them!

Wes Grant

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

An interesting, educational, fun, diverse and interactive 10 months. I’ve learned more than I would have thought possible with copious course notes, practicals, case studies, extra video content and a significant homework expectation. Not for the faint-hearted, but if you are looking for a hypnotherapy course which is well constructed and will give you everything you need to become a competent and confident practitioner, this is the one.

Sarah Wade

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

I would strongly recommend this course. The topics covered are delivered in an engaging and entertaining way. Kate and Rory are a great team. It is, however, a comprehensive course with a good deal of homework, so be sure you are willing to put in the time and effort before you sign up! This course provides all the knowledge and skills you need to set up a successful practice – and more!

Kim A. Martin

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

This is THE most thorough course available in the UK I believe! Great, funny, knowledgeable teachers who actually PRACTICE and really know their s**t! Thankyou!

Stephen C.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

I have no regrets about choosing the HypnoTC Diploma course. I have found it interesting, stimulating and very thorough. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a career as a hypnotherapist, and already have!

Sherry Clift

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

This course is very comprehensive and thorough. I feel I have learnt so much during the course of 10 months. I would not have wanted to do it within a shorter time frame as I would not have come away with the level of confidence and competence necessary to feel capable of providing a quality service to clients. I made the right choice to train with HypnoTC and Rory and Kate!

Marianne S.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

The level of knowledge and experience that Dr Kate and Rory have between them, coupled with an entertaining delivery, make this THE hypnotherapy training course to be on. I feel very confident in my new found abilities and in my future as a practicing hypnotherapist.

Steve Graham

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

Not for the faint-hearted, very intense, but you’ll never be the same again afterwards. Life changing!

Silvana B.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

A very good course. It’s got a lot of content and there’s a lot of hard work but it’s worth it!

Angela M.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

I’m very happy! I did a lot of research, because I wanted to learn from the best in the field, I found HypnoTC, Kate and Rory, and they ARE the best. I was so interested in this course that I travelled every single weekend all the way from Dubai UAE, just to come and do this course!

Hannah M.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

A very intense course that’s challenging, but at the same time very rewarding.

Jim D.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

When you start looking for courses, you’ll probably find courses that promise an awful lot, but if you really do your comparisons, you will find that HypnoTC are definitely the best. The best content. The best support. There’s no better out there!

Sarah K.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

They are very good at their job. You will learn a lot of information about hypnotherapy! As a non-native speaker, your English should be at a good level in order to fully understand the course material!

Emine Basdag

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

Be prepared to put the hours in, because what you put in is what you get out, and you can get something pretty surprising out of it!

Glenis L.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019

Do it, there’s nothing stopping you. The only thing that will stop you is yourself. Don’t allow that to happen!

Francesca M.

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2019


June 2019

Student Testimonials Video

Class of June 2019

The diploma course with HypnoTC is comprehensive, engaging and challenging. Over the 10 months on the course I have learned a huge amount of skills and tools to use as a hypnotherapist (including lots of valuable business advice.) Also I thoroughly enjoyed every day I spent on the course.

Kate and Rory are fantastic teachers and really push you to be the best that you can be (as well as being informative and entertaining!)

After finishing the course I feel fully confident in starting my career as a hypnotherapist and I would 100% recommend the course to anyone looking to go into the field.

Phil Coupland

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

This course will give you a thorough grounding in both hypnosis and therapy. It will help you form your choices for the future and allow you the chance to learn and grow yourself, and help others. The learning experiences and qualifications are invaluable. I would recommend it!!

Russell Thackeray

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

Absolutely fantastic course!!! The contents, the teachers, all fantastic. My confidence just grew and grew with every weekend. The world is nowwww my oyster!

Nicole S.

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

This is a really well structured course that uses such a variety of learning methods that embed the practice of hypnotherapy really effectively.

The breadth and depth of the course makes it one of the best out there and it’s one of the few that qualify me to work in the USA if I want or need to.

It has made me into a decent therapist!

Michael Pughsley

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

This course provides good a foundation for any hypnotherapist. You can’t overestimate the value of the systemic approach, breadth and number of methods covered during the course.

The very fact of having to learn during 10 months continuously helps the information to really sink in. And you can go straight into practice after the course!

Katerina P.

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

This course will destroy your pre-conceived ideas of hypnosis and replace them with evidence based understanding, practical experience, and the confidence to apply a wide variety of methodologies to enhance your life and the lives of others.

Be prepared, if you choose to do this course, you WILL be a hypnotherapist by the end of it!

Stephen O'Neill

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

I had the most incredible journey with Kate & Rory! I have learnt so much and I feel that through all that I have experienced on this course I have really grown! They are such wonderful teachers and people. Their guidance has filled me with confidence moving forward as a hypnotherapist. I feel lucky to have found this course and I look forward to what the future brings!

Eliza M.

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

This course has been an amazing experience. In just 10 weekends we progressed from knowing very little to being able to professionally take on and treat clients.

The course was very well taught and delivered, so much interesting and relevant information was provided. The course is well designed and learning was provided on many levels, helping to keep pupils focused and engaged. There are a lot of practical exercises during the course, which are both fun, but also give great insight into the wonderful scope of a career in hypnotherapy.

Jacquie Matthews

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

This course has been very insightful and inspiring. The course covers everything you need to know regarding the subject and the homework was plentiful, but necessary to continue learning.

Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to do this as a profession!

Oliver Billington

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

This is a fantastic course for anyone wanting to get into the profession. Kate & Rory are good fun & the course is well structured!

Candice E.

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

Really interesting course, I learned so much and was able to consolidate my learning each weekend to ensure I would remember it. Rory and Kate work well together to deliver the course in a fun, entertaining way.

Esther Webster

HypnoTC Graduate - June 2019

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