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Testimonials 2018

November 2018

Student Testimonials Video

Class of November 2018

This course has taught me an amazing amount of things and given me the confidence to really make a change in someones life. I have been supported all the way and I have been challenged in ways that have made me a much better therapist. It’s been hard and I’ve had to make sacrifices, but the reward has been immense and I feel like a more rounded person because of it.

Commit, take the plunge and sign up, it will change your life!

Jon Watson

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

When I began this course I did lack in self-belief & confidence and this had stemmed from going on one course to another thinking that would help me be better at hypnosis. After seeking advice, I came on this course and have found it invaluable. There is a great cross-section of all types of hypnosis, how and why they work and how they can help make changes in the long term and improve your life.

My growth and development during this course has been phenomenal and I cannot thank Kate and Rory enough for their amazing teaching!

Louise Gray

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

This course was 10 months of discovery. Truly learnt more about myself, my ability and most importantly learnt the tools and techniques of hypnotherapy in a style that was adapted for all types of people & their learning capacity.

I would highly recommend!

Matt Hawtin Roper

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

This course is not for the faint-hearted, but it is the most amazing course that will give you all the tools that you could possibly need to help others!

Helen Crowley

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

Ten amazing weeks of a very in depth A to Z course that covers every part of hypnosis, whether you have some or no knowledge. Sets you up perfectly for your own business, even to the level of business plan and internet profile, to have you 100% ready for your future.

Leo Darren Barradine

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

I came to this course to be able to help people in the future and I got so much for myself. I feel like my life changed totally. It was an amazing journey filled with excitement, fun, knowledge and wisdom. I highly recommend it.

Erika K.

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

A great all-round course, everything from theory to advanced techniques, practical experience, actually practicing everything you learn. Lots of homework, lots of travelling (well, I was coming from Spain for every weekend, and that just shows you how good the course really was).

Learnt loads, now I feel I am ready to start my practice in Spain full of confidence.

Andy Mackow

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

This has been the most inspiring, information-filled, relevant course I have ever done. The confidence it has given me is second to none.

Anita Taneja

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

A challenging course that promotes growth and learning. Professional course & intelligent teachers. Quite possibly the best school I’ve been to.

Vincent Belo Silva Dohner

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

A very professional course; challenging, demanding, thorough. It will equip you to become a confident, versatile therapist, ready to embark on a new, rewarding career.

Peter Kerwin

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

It has been an amazing journey. I definitely recommend it. I have learnt so much and I found myself passionate about learning how useful hypnosis can be in helping people to have a better life. Thank you.

Catia T.

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

So much more than just a hypnotherapy course. So much knowledge in so many areas with a real practical foundation that meant I came out feeling confident and ready to start working with clients straight away (even before the end of the course).

If you are looking for a course that sets you up on solid foundations and you enjoy laughing your socks off in the process, then you will love it. 5 out of 5 stars!

Dan Baines

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

The courses was a great self-discovery exercise. It has helped me to deal with personal challenges and has provided me with the scientific foundation, skills and techniques to help others. It does need commitment as supporting therapeutic change requires knowledge, method and experience. By the end I had all three to a substantial extent, allowing me to work with clients successfully.

Georgios D.

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

This course provided the most professional, knowledgeable and well-researched theory and practicals. The skills I acquired gave me confidence in becoming a professional hypnotherapist and further helped me to explore wider horizons so that I can create a private practice.

Françoise Gayraud

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

Well constructed course with excellent content and brilliant support. Online videos and homework help to embed the theory and techniques and compliment classwork and practicals.

Michael Relevitch

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018

Enjoy the journey, everything falls into place as you progress. Keep an open mind for the techniques, there is something to be learned from all of them. Talk to your fellow students A LOT, they are a big part of your support network. Have fun!

Rob Addams

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2018


April 2018

Student Testimonials Video

Class of April 2018

Kate & Rory are excellent educators and have developed a highly comprehensive and engaging course. The course content and materials are thoroughly thought through and delivered in a charismatic and authentic way.

The combination of face-to-face training, detailed course notes, video tutorials and varied homework exercises reinforces learning in different ways, providing invaluable resources throughout the course.

Liza Patoux

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in hypnotherapy. I had no experience at the start of the course, but upon graduating I now feel I have the knowledge, skills and confidence to set up my own practice. Kate and Rory have been fantastic, they have made the course extremely informative as well as a lot of fun! 10/10!

Sarah Mack

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

Having completed the NGH Certificate course with HypnoTC, I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in learning hypnotherapy for either a career or just an interest.

The course is full of useful and effective techniques that you can take forth to perform some amazing positive changes in your clients. That, coupled with the unique dynamic pairing of Rory (with his stage and street hypnosis background) and Kate (with her academic and clinical background) only helps to enhance the course. …and be prepared for homework, as you get a lot, but this will enrich your learning.

So, join up, learn, pass the course and go forth and be awesome!

Spencer Bowers

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

An excellent course, well designed and well structured and delivered by two highly experienced hypnotherapists. The balance of theory and practice has given me a wide range of tools to use and apply in working and helping people to find solutions to the issues they want to overcome.

This course is a journey of self-discovery and self-development and has equipped me with the tools to become a great hypnotherapist.

Maria Allan

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

Wow a great course!

I loved the combination of theory and practice, working from such great notes has been wonderful. There have been challenging moments, especially the first time Rory said “no script”, but they have become empowering moments, because there has always been a lot of support from the students and from Rory and Kate.

It has been a privilege to study with HypnoTC. I have grown personally and have seen the change in others as their skills and confidence has grown.

Kim Burgess-Smith

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

Top instructors, Rory and Kate are the best!

Excellent course, well thought out, structured and written. These guys know their s**t! No course out there currently tops this course, trust me, I’ve done the research!

You may go into this course knowing little about hypnotherapy, but be reassured you will come out fully knowledgeable, confident, with a modern arsenal of tools.

Nina N.

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

It’s been a delightfully enriching journey. One of those that has made/will continue to make a significant impact on every aspect of my life. One of the most valuable learnings is being equipped to harness my sense of intuition in a positive manner.

The HypnoTC course is thoroughly valuable with a healthy sense of continuous improvement and it’s one of the best courses in the UK (possibly the world?) As a therapist, I am now much more confident with what skills and tools I possess with which to support my clients.

Shash M.

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and I feel we have been given all the necessary tools and resources to undertake a career in the field of hypnotherapy with confidence. The course has been thoroughly constructed and thoughtfully presented and always remained to be fun.

This course has got something for everyone and I highly recommend it.

Samantha Richardson

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

The course content is comprehensive and covers so much more than any other course I looked into. It certainly didn’t fail to deliver. Kate and Rory create the perfect dynamic as teachers. Lessons are professional, informative, fun and engaging. They get the right balance between theoretical and practical work. The supportive material and even the homework all help to enhance the learning experience.

Honestly, doing this course has been such an amazing and life-changing experience. I have learnt the tools that will not only support my own personal growth, but I have been given the tools to go out and help people and create a successful career out of it!

Caroline Davies

HypnoTC Graduate - April 2018

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