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Testimonials 2017

October 2017

Student Testimonials Video

Class of October 2017

This is an amazing course to gain a lot of experience and knowledge, as well as confidence. The learning experience is wonderful!

Tyler Curtis

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning hypnotherapy.

There was a good mix of theory with practical application, the content very thorough, and I felt totally inspired and motivated while learning.

Every weekend was packed with fun and hard work – thank you Rory + Kate (and all my fellow students) for your support throughout.

Jane Cumbers

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

Very beneficial course, very good balance of practical, theory and online.

Yasin Sharif

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

What can I say (amazing). Would definitely recommend friends etc. to this course. Will miss being here with the lovely people I met. It made the course complete. But most of all, thanks to Kate & Rory for all their support. Amazing!!!

Jo Dhillon

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

So glad that I took the course. Confidence is a word that everyone seems to be using on reflection after this course and it’s certainly true for me. I have a new sense of direction, and the confidence to follow it through.

The work load of the theory is immense and has helped me to re-organise other aspects of my life… bonus!

Tim Patmore

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

There were definitely moments from the past few months where life has too much going on, but with a big push, the result of all the work is I have become a hypnotherapist!!! …and have been traumatised by Rory with a Justin Bieber song… :-p (inside joke).

So, a little shout out to anyone in doubt, especially international students where English isn’t your first language… I was so not sure if I could’ve done it, but I did it, so you can too!

P.s. Thank you Kate & Rory for a great journey!

Suyan Xiao

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

I have received hypnotherapy training to become a certified hypnotherapist from HypnoTC. Dr Kate and Rory have vast industry experience which makes this course stand out. We learned about different conditions, theory and techniques to put together an effective treatment plan for clients.

This course is recognised by professional bodies and associations in the UK and abroad, which adds huge value. This course is for anybody who is looking for a career change, or simply want to acquire more knowledge and skills about hypnosis.

The most important benefit of this course is not only that you can bring positive change in your own life, but can help many others around you.

Atif Kamran

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

Really thorough course, in depth with loads of info.

Karin Loew

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

This course has been amazing, full of fantastic information which is invaluable to have as a tool to become a hypnotherapist. The course itself has a very clever structure, in that at the start it all seems like a jigsaw puzzle, but you soon realise as the months go on, it all starts making sense.

I would highly recommend anybody do this course, it’s been AMAZING!

Dylan Lovegrove

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

I really enjoyed from day 1. I’m so happy I chose HypnoTC, I found them very professional and at the same time friendly. I think they work hard to give you the best training and that reflects on how confident you feel when you finish your course. Thank you!!

Zoraida Mata Fernandez-Pacheco

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017

A broad and at the same time amazingly thorough course. The confidence and feelings of coming out the other side is to a completely different level than I ever imagined.

Sharandeep Salh

HypnoTC Graduate - October 2017


May 2017

Student Testimonials Video

Class of May 2017

What an amazing experience! Rory & Kate were so knowledgeable, kind & friendly. Great to have people from so much diversity attending. Loved the way that Rory & Kate bounced off each other.

Well done, fantastic. Will always recommend over any other course.

Tim Howard

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

I would fully recommend this course if you are serious about wanting to work as a hypnotherapist. It is very comprehensive and especially good at giving you the confidence to deliver a full therapy session, to actually bring about a therapeutic change in a client.

Louise Terry

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

A lot of commitment, study and homework, but the journey is worth it. Where I am now to where I was 6 months ago is amazing! Worth the journey folks!

Martin Boyce

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

I fully recommend this course! It’s top quality, totally outstanding! Extremely experienced tutors who support you all the way!

Petra Jong

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

The course is very thorough and professionally delivered. Kate and Rory work together fantastically to combine their academic and practical experiences. The level of support is superb and the course is laid out in a way that allows you to get practical experience all the way, alongside the theory.

I would thoroughly recommend the course to anybody that is interested in learning hypnotherapy.

Tim L.

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

Excellent course. Professionally structured. Great notes. Interesting mix of people. Enhanced my personal development.

Flick Andrychowska

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

Great delivery & structure to course. Informative. Fun. Engaging. Helpful instructors & great students!

Shola Adegunle

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

Very good!

Edvins Soms

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

Excellent course, well balanced.

Carl Norton

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

The course has given me a fantastic overview of the theory & practice of hypnotherapy and especially getting great results using techniques that I learned in this course. The course has transformed my skill and ability to do thinks and make plans in real life. It has instilled confidence in me. I’d encourage you to start immediately!

Izza Mir

HypnoTC Graduate - May 2017

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