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Testimonials 2016

December 2016

Student Testimonials Video

Class of December 2016

I recommend this course to anyone considering becoming a hypnotherapist, it is well organised and the course materials are structured to guide and help your learning.

The mixture of theory and practical experience is well-balanced and aids all aspects of your development. The tutors are knowledgeable, friendly and want you to succeed.

I would do this course again, and that is the best recommendation a former student can give.

S. O'Callaghan

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016

Anyone considering training as a hypnotherapist should come to HypnoTC. Their course is exceptionally thorough, great fun and very professional. Excellent location too.

Bob Appleby

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016

As a registered nurse and counsellor, it was important for me to find a hypnotherapy course that was ethical and an ethos of knowing how to train highly competent, compassionate therapists. This course succeeds and goes beyond this! I highly recommend it.

L. Chislett R.G.N.

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016

Go for it! The most enjoyable course I have ever done, crammed full of information, practical and theory.

Kate & Rory help you so much. The course is set out in a way that everyone can understand. Highly recommend this training company.

Ed Booker

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016

I believe this course is very professional and well thought out, it has all the important information we need to become a good, professional therapist.

Kate has a lot of knowledge that helps us a lot to understand ways we can help others and the importance of being a good therapist as we have other people in our hands…

Rory has a wonderful presence and helps us to understand some techniques that sound so complicated. He is really nice and professional.

Thank you very much for everything!

Sylvia Quisbert

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016

It really is a great course, teaches such a broad range of everything that you need to become a successful hypnotherapist. Well worth the time and effort.

Gary M.

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016

The course is taught by two amazing teachers with different backgrounds who merge together to form the perfect unit. The balance between hands on hypnotherapy and academic details is superb. Practice, watch and learn as your monthly folder builds up an encyclopaedia of knowledge.

As the ad says; ‘just do it’!

Gerard Spratt

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016

This course is so full of techniques and information, it gives you so many tools to use, insight into how to utilise them and the confidence to actually use them.

David James

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016

All people are born equal, the difference is the amount of time and effort you put into your life.

Thank you very much HypnoTC!

Ayalon Sherefkin

HypnoTC Graduate - December 2016


July 2016

Student Testimonials Video

Class of July 2016

Kate and Rory have an enormous bank of knowledge and experience. The course was very comprehensive, and no wonder it has so many accreditations! I particularly liked the practical exercises, from sourcing subjects to writing it up and getting feedback.

Charles Lusty

HypnoTC Graduate - July 2016

The course has been simply amazing, I learned a wide range of awesome techniques that will help me to handle a range of potential problems I may deal with as a hypnotherapist. This has been proven to me by the great practical nature of the course and encouragement from Rory and Kate to practice and revise the techniques.

Anybody looking to become a strong, competent hypnotherapist, this course contains all the support and tools you will need.

Michael Beeson

HypnoTC Graduate - July 2016

This is a very thorough course and felt very personal. I have learned so much throughout the course, all very relevant to my current line of work and I am looking forward to applying the techniques now I am fully certified!

Kate and Rory were so generous with their time, always available to answer questions or to give feedback and support us.

I would highly recommend this course. Thank you so much.

Ruth Sabrosa

HypnoTC Graduate - July 2016

Professional. Comprehensive. Demanding. Inspiring.

Having two tutors was really useful. Kate and Rory make a great team. Kate has an extraordinary academic background and a breath taking knowledge of the conditions we will come across. Rory takes a more intuitive approach and is a real master in the craft of hypnotism. Together they make a formidable team.

It was an intense 7 months, I truly feel ready to now set up my practice. Very impressed.

Paul T.

HypnoTC Graduate - July 2016

I would recommend the course from HypnoTC, definitely! Get on it!

Tracy Nisbett

HypnoTC Graduate - July 2016

It’s been a really good experience…

Claude A.

HypnoTC Graduate - July 2016

This course is just simply amazing, it teaches you everything you need to know, with support from Kate and Rory 24/7.

It has opened my eyes to what hypnotherapy really is about. Be prepared to be hypnotised!!

Lee Crowhurst

HypnoTC Graduate - July 2016

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