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November 2015

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Class of November 2015

Having now completed the NGH Certification programme with HypnoTC, I can say that I learned much more than I thought could be possible over the eight weekends!

A superb interweaving of theory, practice and business building essentials, this is a course for those who want to hit the ground running as confident and ethical practitioners.

Kate and Rory made a superb team, offering a stimulating balance between the academic aspects of hypnosis/hypnotherapy and the practical elements. Their facilitation, style and pacing helped to create a focused yet relaxed atmosphere. I came away with a lot of learning – full to brimming with enthusiasm!

Wendy Fairmaner

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2015

I recently completed the NGH hypnotherapy course with HypnoTC. Having spoken to others hypnotherapists and attended another training course, the content provided by Rory and Kate is far superior than many courses that are out there.

The course contains both academic and research material which is complemented by real life examples. The dynamic between Kate and Rory encourages learning but also demonstrates how differing approaches can bring about the same changes in your client.

I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who either is working or is planning to work as a hypnotherapist.

Nonna Alomaja

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2015

I have just finished studying with The Hypnotherapy Training Company on their NGH Certificate course and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Kate and Rory are amazing tutors and work well in bringing together a relaxed, fun learning environment with the seriousness of the academic learning of hypnotherapy.

This course has actually given me the real-world, practical skills to actually set up as a hypnotherapist, and that’s exactly what I am now in the process of doing! So if you want to train to be a hypnotherapist, this is the course you need to do. Thank you Kate & Rory!

Sara Dolan

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2015

It’s only when you get to the end of the course you realise how much content you’ve covered week on week. You’re getting the formal side of things with Kate and the more practical and slightly humorous side of it with Rory. Bottom line: It all integrates really well, so definitely recommend it!

Martin Smith

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2015

I have just completed the HypnoTC training course and this is now going to be the first stepping stone to my new career as a hypnotherapist. The course has been amazing and I have met some amazing people who are going to be in my life for a very long time!

Kate and Rory are really cool, if you were to put anybody together you’d say they’d be chalk and cheese, but actually there’s something that just comes together and it works so well. I’m privileged to have been taught by them.

Emma Smith

HypnoTC Graduate - November 2015

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