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Stop Smoking – HypnoTC are now affiliated with the CRSST

Stop Smoking – HypnoTC are now affiliated with the CRSST

We pride ourselves on the fact that our NGH Hypnotherapy Certificate course is comprehensive, and covers a plethora of different theories, conditions and hypnotherapy techniques, so of course we cover smoking cessation hypnotherapy!

Hypnotherapy is a great way to stop smoking and often works where other methods have failed – not to mention the fact that as a hypnotherapist (unless you’re specializing/working as a niche-market hypnotherapist), smokers are going to be your “bread-and-butter”. Most hypnotherapists (that we know) charge more for a smoking cessation session than any other sessions offered, which makes “stop smoking hypnotherapy” one of the most financially rewarding things a hypnotherapist will help with.

If you want to be a great hypnotherapist, you need to learn many different ways to deal with smoking cessation, and you need to learn exactly how to figure out how to deal with it too! We’ve said it before and shall say it again; one size does not fit all with hypnotherapy! So when you’re looking for great smoking cessation hypnotherapy training, ensure that your tutors know what they’re doing – being a part of the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST), who are endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) is one way to figure out if you’re on the right track!

HypnoTC Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists

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– written by the HypnoTC team

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