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Rory Z featured on the ‘Rapid Changeworks’ podcast

Rory Z featured on the ‘Rapid Changeworks’ podcast

Rapid Changeworks Podcast Rory Z rapid hypnosis instant induction hypnotherapy trainingHypnoTC tutor Rory Z Fulcher recently joined Howard Cooper to talk about hypnosis on his Rapid Changeworks Podcast, that is growing more and more popular in the hypnosis and hypnotherapy world. The Rapid Changeworks podcast site has been created as an antidote to the commonly held beliefs (by some hypnotherapists and other therapists) that ‘significant change has to take a long time’… that clients need to ‘experience past traumas’ in order to move past them… or that by understanding a problem a client will be able to ‘fix it’… As many modern hypnotherapists know, these concepts (though sometimes true) do not necessarily fit well with the way that we approach hypnotherapy, the ways in which we work with clients, and certainly the way that we teach hypnotherapy here at HypnoTC.

During the podcast, Howard and Rory discuss various different hypnotic thoughts and ideas. They discuss: why progressive inductions still have a big part to play in modern hypnosis; why hypnosis pre-talks are so very important for any hypnotherapist / hypnotist; why ‘content free’ hypnosis isn’t actually content free; how learning about entertainment hypnosis can benefit the hypnotherapist; how and why you should just ‘go for it’ and get experience as a hypnotherapist, and much more…

To listen to this podcast, simply use either of the buttons below (depending on whether you’d like to listen online now, or download the podcast as an MP3 to listen later / on a device):

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…and if you have any questions about anything covered in the podcast, please get in touch.


– written by the HypnoTC team

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