Hypnotherapy Reading List

Here is a selection of ‘recommended reading material’ (mainly books) written by/recommended by HypnoTC trainers for both student and experienced hypnotherapists, followed by an even longer list of ‘additional reading’ material.

Books by HypnoTC Tutors

Also by HypnoTC tutors

‘Core Values Cards’ (cards)

‘Hypnotic Language Cards’ (cards)

‘Rapid Hypnosis 101’ (DVD)

‘Stage Hypnosis 101’ (DVD)

Recommended Reading - Our 'Top 10'

Other Additional Reading

(alphabetical order by author)

Other Home Study Options

If you’re looking to continue learning more about hypnosis in the comfort of your own home, as well as books, there are also a whole range of online hypnosis training courses out there. Check out our sister site hypnosis-courses.com to learn more about online hypnosis training.

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