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Rapid Hypnotherapy Training

What is Rapid Hypnotherapy?

The use of rapid inductions and techniques in a hypnotherapy context requires additional skills and knowledge beyond simply knowing how to hypnotise quickly. There are many nuances and subtle adjustments to these approaches which enable the hypnotherapist to work congruently and effectively. 

‘Rapid Hypnotherapy’ involves the use of a range of strategically-designed and adapted approaches, techniques and methods, with  focused, quick and efficient strategies and tools that you can use to help a client’s change work progress, even where time is limited.  

There are many reasons why you might wish to take a Rapid Hypnotherapy direction. You may naturally be the type of therapist who is happiest, or most satisfied, working more rapidly. You might prefer a quick start to your therapeutic work, or generally prefer a faster pace to your therapy.  

It may be that your client was late, and you want to optimise the available time and still keep on track working to help them alleviate their symptoms and achieve their goals. Or, it could be that you are working with a client who holds the belief that they can only achieve change with rapid therapy. Whilst you could spend time educating them about how a standard therapeutic model happens over time, you may impair any rapport that you already have. Indeed the client may doubt you have the breadth of skills they were hoping for. Instead, you can effortlessly move into using your Rapid Hypnotherapy skills and not only maintain that rapport but perhaps also increase that therapeutic connection. 

Another use for Rapid Hypnotherapy is where you know that you will only have one session with a client. This may be all that a client’s budget will permit, or it could be due to the setting, such as healthcare, working with patients, or in charity environments. Or, you may be working in a corporate setting, just contracted to work for that day,  and needing effective and time-efficient brief interventions. 

Rather than having to cut back on the scope of the therapeutic work you wish to deliver, Rapid Hypnotherapy helps you achieve the client’s goals, using strategically designed approaches which can be adapted, in the moment, to suit the client’s individual needs. Indeed, Rapid Hypnotherapy can be used whatever your client’s Locus of Control, personality type, sensory modality preference, age or gender.

Who is our Rapid Hypnotherapy training course for?

Rapid Hypnotherapy makes use of a talking therapist’s existing client management skillset. This includes an ability to create rapport, consultation skills to gain information about the clients needs and goals, and general therapy practice management. This Rapid Hypnotherapy training course has been designed to help hypnotherapists and other talking therapists, such as counsellors and CBT therapists, both know and truly understand how to use Rapid Hypnotherapy confidently and competently with their hypnotherapy clients.

Whether you are completely new to working rapidly and want to discover the differences between rapid hypnosis and rapid hypnotherapy. Or, whether you have been qualified for a while and would now like to add to your skillset and increase the range of approaches that you can choose from during your hypnotherapy sessions. This course will help you to develop some awesome skills and gain that all important practical confidence; so that you know what to do and truly know that you can actually do it with clients!

You may already have some awesome hypnosis induction and therapy skills. This training helps you understand and develop the skill in using the subtleties that enable rapid approaches to meet client expectations and fit into a therapeutic setting. 

Are you a hypnotherapist who found your initial training left you wanting more; particularly in regards to using hypnotherapy rapidly? Was their little or no rapid training on your hypnotherapy practitioner course? Were you left wanting more, and maybe then attended some rapid hypnosis workshops? These certainly can be fun, and interesting. People often get taught the classic magnetic hands induction, or even something as dramatic as the arm pull induction, or they can pick up some tips from videos, such as on Facebook, YouTube or TikTok.

However, such training and videos can often be focused on meeting the needs of street hypnotists and those focused on stage hypnosis. If this is how you wish to use your rapid hypnosis skills, we can suggest some options. However, if you haven’t learned and gained experience adapting rapid hypnosis techniques for your hypnotherapy setting, then you may have found you struggled, lost confidence, or spent valuable time trying to work out how to take a concept and apply it differently to suit your needs.

Does this course include rapid inductions in the Rapid Hypnotherapy training? Absolutely! However, we know that there is more to working quickly than simply getting someone into hypnosis. Yes, you will learn how to hypnotise fast! You will learn rapid hypnosis inductions specifically designed to be used in hypnotherapy settings and contexts. These will not be the rapid inductions for stage or street hypnosis. There are lots of courses out there teaching those.

This course is purpose-designed for therapists who want to add to their skill set by having the tools and resources to be able to work quickly, and truly optimise the time they have available. In formulating this Rapid Hypnotherapy course, we have taken into consideration feedback from other therapists and what they have wanted before, during, or after their therapy practitioner training. We have strategically designed this course to take you from ‘learning’ to ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’ and then, ‘doing with confidence’.

Examples of Rapid Hypnotherapy use

  • Jamie uses Rapid Hypnotherapy techniques when he is working as a coach and wants to add some rapid hypno into his coaching session.

  • Sandra is able to quickly hypnotise her hypnotherapy client if they are late, and still have time to do some meaningful work.

  • Leigh is a cognitive behavioural therapist who likes to include some Rapid Hypnotherapy change-work.

  • Ramona finds her Rapid Hypnotherapy approaches are a valuable addition to the work she does as a mental health and wellbeing coach in a corporate setting. Where time is of the essence, being able to work quickly, efficiently and effectively makes her a popular and successful member of staff that people actually want to visit.

  •  Pablo is a counsellor working with troubled young adults. He finds that working more actively, using Rapid Hypnotherapy methods, he gets better engagement; he thinks the ‘wow’ factor helps!

About our Rapid Hypnotherapy training

What you will learn

You will discover that there is more to our Rapid Hypnotherapy training than simply learning awesome inductions that will impress your clients. Although, that is a great start, and you will most certainly learn some fantastic rapid hypnosis inductions, beautifully tailored to suit hypnotherapy work. You will also learn how to take the hypnotic state you have developed with your quick hypnosis induction, and then intensify it with highly effective, yet fast and impressive deepeners. In addition, we will teach you the subtle conversational strategies that you can employ to set up and guide the client, making these fast approaches even more effective and reliable!

Using fast hypnotherapy inductions and deepeners will save you time in the therapy setting. We don’t stop there though as this training is focused for hypnotherapy work. This Rapid Hypnotherapy training also gives you a range of beneficial, time-efficient therapy methods which are tried and tested in hypnotherapy settings. We know they not only work, they work well!


How you will learn

Each technique that you learn on the rapid hypnotherapy training course will be explored, and then you get to practice, often more than once! Rather than just having an idea how to do it, even be technically competent, we want you to feel CONFIDENT that you CAN and WILL use these techniques with your clients. As well as that, those clients will feel that the techniques you use are congruent with the rest of the hypnotherapy experience they are having with you.

We want you to get the most from engaging in the rapid hypnotherapy training day, so we also give you a detailed manual; no losing time having to take notes or trying to remember what we covered!

Training Day Outline

Our Rapid Hypnotherapy in-person training day starts at 9:30am and ends at 5pm. We generally have a morning break, an hour for lunch, and then a comfort break in the afternoon. 

To give the training a clear structure, we have divided the day into four themed segments. During each segment, you will learn techniques for how to hypnotise quickly for hypnotherapy purposes. This includes how to quickly prepare the client, fast inductions, rapid deepeners, and Rapid Hypnotherapy techniques and all the subtleties that enable you to work congruently and effectively, meeting the client’s expectations and achieving positive therapeutic outcomes. 


  • Focus on rapid habit change work
    • Preparing for change
    • Identifying habits and planning change
    • Generating and integrating change

  • Focus on rapid belief change work
    • Exploring beliefs and emotional triggers 
    • Rapid emotional trigger release
    • Challenging and evolving beliefs
    • Beliefs in action


  • Focus on rapid insight generation
    • Setting up for insight generation
    • Combining surface and deeper work 
    • Connecting insight to change

  • Focus on making use of the past with rapid regression
    • Engaging with past resources 
    • Rapid review and resolution

  • Applying Rapid Hypnotherapy in the real world
    • Engaging the confident Rapid Hypnotherapist

Practical Focus

The entire day is  highly practical, giving you plenty of opportunities to watch, learn, practice and hone those skills, whilst developing that inner confidence and awareness that you know how to work rapidly with your hypnotherapy clients. To truly optimise your skills, we do ask that you fully participate in each practical activity.



Our Rapid Hypnotherapy training day is held at our superbly-located training venue in the Royal Horseguards Hotel, in Whitehall, London. This glorious venue is close to Embankment Underground Station, together with many mainline stations, including Charing Cross Station, Victoria Station, and Waterloo Station. It is also easy to access internationally, with good transport links from London Heathrow and London City Airports. 

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