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“What happened after I qualified with HypnoTC” – Martin Boyce C.H.

What happened after I qualified with HypnoTC – Martin Boyce C.H.


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Martin Boyce – HypnoTC Graduate

Here is a blog post from one of our hypnotherapy training graduates, Martin Boyce. We asked Martin to write a quick blog on how he has been doing with his business since qualifying as a hypnotherapist a couple of months ago in May, and so he did…



The First 4 weeks…

“On the 5th June 2017 I walked into my Practice Office on my first day as a Practising Hypnotherapist. Of course, my first task was to reflect and send a Facebook post to everyone saying that if someone had told me a year ago that I would be a Practising Certified Hypnotherapist in my own Office, I’d thought they were crazy. But here I was.

FB post martin boyce hypnotherapy student graduate in practice

My first two weeks were a lot of setting up filing systems, trying to figure out how to set up and record on the office phone. Business cards…….get these early. The number of potential clients I lost because I didn’t have any of these initially!


martin boyce business card qualified hypnotherapist hypnotc


The question arose, was it a Practice or a Business? IT WAS BOTH. I never took my eye off the ball that it was a business and that I needed clients, paying clients. I had overheads etc. Therefore, I set up a few adverts from my newly made Facebook Business page, which cost around £1 a day. This would get me 4 clients from these ads in the first month alone and was well worth the small investment. I haven’t had time yet to set up my website.

The first paying client…..I have to admit I was very nervous. But it went great and I soon got into a routine. I had hoped to break-even by my third month. I actually broke even, and made a profit on the very first month! Very pleasing.

On the second and third weeks I tried a system where I offered a 30 minute free session to anyone who made enquiries. This proved invaluable and ALL the people who took up this offer signed up for between 3 – 5 sessions each! Not one didn’t. I had 30 mins to evaluate my potential client and sell myself a little. It made the client feel at ease and I would do my pre talk here too. I have more clients booked in for sessions and free consultations. I even have one chap travelling up from London next week for my services!


Martin Boyce Hypnotherapist HypnoTC Graduate professional hypnotherapy course


I found it strange to ask for a one hour session fee of £75 at first, but everyone was happy to pay and I was happy to accept. It was a fine arrangement. I had meant to work Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. However, as a new business I currently tend to fit my schedule around my clients and this flexibility helps. Eventually I shall try to stick to the allotted days.

I got myself an accountant, and never done any accountancy book keeping before but was recommended I get a Simplex-D (accounting book), which seems easy enough.

I have had sleepless nights worrying about all sorts, client sessions, if I’m doing the right sessions for them, accounts and books etc etc. but as I sit here almost one month into this journey waiting for my next client in half an hour…..I can say everything was worth it. Including the homework!!! I’m doing something I love doing. I believe I’m good at it. I help to change people’s lives and get well paid for it.

Finally, apart from all the advice above, PLEASE, MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOUR PRACTICE IN YOUR PRACTICE guys. You need to look after yourself too.

This has been my journey so far, it may give you ideas for yours too. Good luck.”


Martin Boyce Hypnotherapy Office professional hypnotherapy qualification training


Martin Boyce C.H.



Thanks for sharing this with us Martin, we do appreciate it, and we know that our students and prospective students may learn a lot from the experiences of others. Best of luck with your practice!

We hope this blog has been super helpful, but if you do have any questions about setting up your hypnotherapy practice (or anything else for that matter) do please get in touch, because we’re always happy to help!


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