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Exciting new hypnotherapy technique announcement!

Exciting new hypnotherapy technique announcement!

We have a brand new, exciting hypnotherapy technique that you’re going to love! Interested? Read on…

There are many different hypnotherapy trainers, schools and ‘gurus’ out there, and a great many of them have their own ideas and opinions on what hypnotherapists should be taught, which hypnotherapy techniques are best, and which techniques work best with clients… Now, that’s all well and good, because obviously hypnotherapy in-and-of-itself must inherently be diverse, because by definition hypnotherapy is hypnosis + various psychotherapy techniques (…and is even broader than that, with many hypnotherapists also utilising aspects of NLP, Mindfulness, REBT, EMDR, ACT, Reiki, Massage, etc.).

With this in mind, you’ll probably know that many other hypnotherapy schools and hypnosis trainers are promoting their own ‘techniques’ and ‘protocols’, and a lot of these techniques are marketed as being:

Universally applicable


Easy to apply


Highly successful

Quick fix

Works for any condition

That sounds great! But wait… our hypnotherapy technique will offer you WAY more than that!!!

New hypnotherapy technique protocol exciting

It’s true that many new or struggling hypnotherapists are looking for shortcuts… quick fixes… a way to ensure that they have ‘the right tool for the job’ with every client that they see, to improve their chances of successfully helping their hypnotherapy clients. And why not? We all want that, right?


…well, that’s where our new hypnotherapy technique comes in. We’re ‘throwing in our hat’ with all of the other popular hypnotherapy training schools and gurus, and offering our very own technique… A highly adaptable, universally applicable protocol, and one that is amazingly successful and when used as directed, often can help with any condition you can think of… Yes, it’s as good as it sounds! It is controversial, but know that you won’t need any other technique once you’ve learned our one! So here it is…



“The Hypnotherapy Technique”

(yeah, creative name, we know)


Our technique consists of just one single important element, that if you do properly, will help you build your entire career as a successful hypnotherapist. The key to our technique is to:


Yes, that’s right, the technique is to ensure you are sufficiently trained in hypnotherapy. The ‘quick fix’ is that you will be in a position to help people after just ONE course, saving you £££’s and years of searching for ‘the next big thing’, when in fact, most of the ‘next big hypnotherapy techniques’ are simply re-iterations and amalgamations of standard hypnotherapy protocols… Lucky for you, all of those fundamental building blocks are neatly contained and packaged within “The Hypnotherapy Technique”, meaning that when you have learned to actually understand and perform hypnotherapy adequately, competently and confidently, you’ll be able to come up with your own techniques! Maybe even ten of them, and then you can sell them to other hypnotherapists too! Win-win!

Just to re-iterate; “The Hypnotherapy Technique” can help with pain management, weight management, smoking, phobias, insomnia, anxiety, stress, sports, pregnancy, memory, irrational beliefs, unhelpful behaviours, negative thoughts, past trauma, sexual issues and much, much more!

Once you have learned “The Hypnotherapy Technique”, you’ll be eligible to give yourself a special title too, so instead of just being ‘John Smith’, you can be ‘John Smith – Hypnotherapist’, and because we know that our technique is already highly popular and widely searched for, when you have the title ‘Hypnotherapist’ you’ll automatically have hundreds of thousands of potential clients who are actively looking for ‘Hypnotherapy Technique’ practitioners, and you’ll also have access to various ‘search networks’ that promote practitioners who use the ‘Hypnotherapy Technique’ too!

Want an awesome logo to go on your website to ensure that people know you’re a ‘Hypnotherapy Technique’ practitioner? Of course you do, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too:

joke hypnotherapy technique hypnotherapist logo

Snazzy right? We thought so…

So act now, and you too can become a certified, international ‘Hypnotherapy Technique’ practitioner! Grab your place on one of our upcoming courses now:



We do hope you found this blog to be super tongue-in-cheek and hilarious, but if you do have any more questions on “The Hypnotherapy Technique” or (on a more serious note) professional hypnotherapy training, do please get in touch, because we’re always happy to help!


– written by the HypnoTC team

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