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New and updated HypnoTC Recommended Hypnotherapy Books List

New and updated HypnoTC Recommended Hypnotherapy Books List

After much deliberation, hunting in our own libraries and internet searching, we have successfully updated the Recommended Reading List on the HypnoTC website and here are some of our recommended hypnotherapy books.


Recommended hypnotherapy books


Hypnotherapy as a book topic

You might wonder about the scale of choice when considering recommended hypnotherapy books. Whether a simple search on Google, or checking on a bookseller website, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Waterstones will show you that there is a vast range of hypnotherapy books available to buy.

If you hunt around online and in ‘real’ (bricks and mortar) book shops, you will even encounter books that are no longer in print. Whilst some of these really old books may not be in as pristine a condition as they once might have been, fresh off the press, many are as relevant to hypnotherapy today as they were when they were published.


Recommended hypnotherapy books

If you asked 100 hypnotherapists what their top 10 hypnotherapy books are, we suspect that there will be some commonly occurring titles, perhaps some of the classics, talking about Milton H. Erickson, as an example. Yet there many also be some surprising titles reflecting practitioners’ interests.

A particular interest in books may come from a therapist’s initial training. For example, a hypnotherapy training course focused on behavioural change, may generate a desire to read more widely on the topic. In contrast, if the topic was barely covered during a therapist’s initial training, then they may wish to read more widely to develop their initial knowledge.

Indeed, some people will buy books at the start of their training, to gain that vital initial understanding of the new world they are entering. Others will look to boost their specialist knowledge.


A stack of books indicating recommended hypnotherapy books.

HypnoTC recommended hypnotherapy books

The “recommended reading” section shows a range of our very favourite hypnotherapy books, and some of the most useful and insightful. These are the books to get if you’re looking to become a hypnotherapist, or if you are a current a HypnoTC Diploma course  NGH Hypnotherapy Certificate course student or graduate.

The “additional reading” section is much larger and much more diverse and if you’re looking for some light (or not so light) reading material concerning hypnosis, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, suggestion, script-writing, etc. then look no further! We’ve given you the option to check the books out on directly, making for an all-round easy book-buying experience.

[Click here to check out the HypnoTC Reading List page]


HypnoTC author books

It would not be a blog about recommended hypnotherapy books if we didn’t talk a little, just a tiny bit, about our own books. Dr Kate Beaven-Marks has written several books, both on her on and with others.

Her first book was co-written with Rory Z Fulcher. They joined their creative effort together for ‘Sam the Sleepy Sheep‘ which is a popular purchase on both Amazon and Audible.


A picture of Sam the Sleepy Sheep cover

This book starts with recommended instructions on how to read the book. There is then a wonderful nested loop story with hypnotic language that encourages children to go to sleep. Not only is the story delightful, but the illustrations are fantastic and ideal for the reader and child to look at together.

Sometimes though, you just need someone else to read, and this is where having an Audible version is useful as well!

It was very much a surprise, amongst all the positive feedback, to get reviews saying that not only does this work very well with young children, it seems to be just as effective a hypnotic story for old children, teenagers and even adults.

To find out more about other books by Dr Kate, have a look on Amazon or at some of our other blogs which mention them.


– written by the HypnoTC team

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