New and updated HypnoTC Recommended Hypnotherapy Books List

New and updated HypnoTC Recommended Hypnotherapy Books List

After much deliberation, hunting in our own libraries and google/amazon searching, we have successfully updated the Recommended Reading List on the HypnoTC website.

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The “recommended reading” section are our very favourite hypnotherapy books, and some of the most useful and insightful. These are the books to get if you’re looking to become a hypnotherapist, or if you are a current NGH Hypnotherapy Certificate course student or graduate.

The “additional reading” section is much larger and much more diverse and if you’re looking for some light (or not so light) reading material concerning hypnosis, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, suggestion, script-writing, etc. then look no further! We’ve given you the option to check the books out on directly, making for an all-round easy book-buying experience.

[Click here to check out the HypnoTC Reading List page]


– written by Rory Z Fulcher
(HypnoTC Director)Rory Z Fulcher hypnotist hypnotherapy training hypnotc

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