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Can you make money with hypnotherapy? YES!

Can you make money with hypnotherapy YES!

So you want to become a hypnotherapist and make money with hypnotherapy, but how much money do you want to make? How much should you charge? How many hours are you going to put in? Decide now, because you have the potential to make thousands, hundreds of thousands… millions even… (I’ll prove it in a moment)

“…but I have no idea what to charge! I’m new to all this!”

Well, as a guideline, many of the hypnotherapists that we train are comfortable initially charging between £65 and £250 per session…depending on the type of session / location / niche / reputation / etc. Clients are more than happy to pay this amount for a quality hypnotherapy session, because how much is ‘getting rid of a phobia’ worth? I’ll bet it’s worth a lot more than a measly £65! So feel good that you can offer amazing, life-changing solutions for a relatively insignificant fee. Don’t under-sell yourself either!

A quick note: You should charge more for smoking sessions. Industry standard in the UK is around £150-£300 for a single smoking cessation hypnotherapy session (based on our own research). Some therapists undervalue themselves and charge way less… Others charge £1,000… £2,000… £5,000+… Some hypnotherapists set their fee at the same cost as a years supply of cigarettes on a per client basis… So 7 packs a week at £8.50 a pack = £3,094! With that in mind, you can see that charging thousands of pounds for a smoking session is actually pretty reasonable AND affordable, in a roundabout-sort-of-way! Imagine how much money you’ll be saving them over a lifetime… 20 years will cost them £61,000! Talk about burning through money…

burning money

I know a hypnotherapist in the USA who charges $25,000 for a 2 hour session.

Yes, you read that right.

That’s around £17,500 for 2 hours work.

That’s a years salary in the time it takes to watch a movie.

He is a self-made millionaire. He made his millions with hypnotherapy. It is possible. It has been done. It can be done again. Sure you’re probably not going to immediately qualify as a hypnotherapist, go out and rent a room in an office block and charge 17 grand a session… but there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to get to a point where you can charge a respectable fee for your services…

You can earn whatever you want, so long as you are delivering a quality service, marketing yourself to the right audience, and putting the right amount of work into your business. You don’t have to see 20+ clients a week – if you’re charging a couple of grand for a smoking session, you could get by on 1 a month!

2 hours work a month and earning a full time wage… Sounds good, right?

You could do that.

It is within the realms of your own possibility.

anything is possible hypnosis

We have set up an awesome free tool for you, called “The Hypnotherapy Earnings Calculator” so that you can get a sense of what you could be earning as a hypnotherapist. You can modify the “standard session fee” and the “smoking session fee” to reflect what you are comfortable charging… to reflect the value that you believe your services are worth… You can then set the amount of clients you’d like to work with per week (or the amount of clients that you think you could feasibly attract per week, if you’re just starting out).

Once you’ve put that information in, you’ll immediately get 4 results:

  • Total clients seen per week
  • Total earnings per week
  • Total earnings per month
  • Total earnings per year

It’s set with the “industry average” pricing estimates and 4 clients a week (2 sessions + 2 smokers), but you can change it to suit you.

Have a play with it, and figure out what you think your time and your expertise as a hypnotherapist is really worth:


The Hypnotherapy Earnings Calculator


We hope you found the Hypnotherapy Earnings Calculator useful, please feel free to share this page with your friends (hey, it doesn’t have to just be hypnotherapy, you can use it for any business where you see clients at a set fee).

If you have any questions relating to this or relating to hypnotherapy training in general, do get in touch with us directly via the contact page. Thanks for reading!


– written by the HypnoTC team

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