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'Learn Hypnotherapy' Taster Day Information

We are looking forward to meeting you at our forthcoming Taster Day. This page provides you with useful information to help you get the most from your day with us.

Wherever you are on your journey, from the very first thought, “I wonder if I could become a hypnotherapist?”, through to, “I know what is right for me and I am ready to start”, we are looking forward to giving you lots of helpful facts about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, together with teaching you some awesome skills.

The day will be a great mix of fun and interesting activities, packed with lots of relevant information, to enable you to decide whether learning hypnotherapy is right for you. By the end of the day, you will even have learned how to hypnotise someone, as well as some really useful approaches.

The Taster Day will be led by our Director of Studies and Principal Tutor, Dr Kate Beaven-Marks. With extensive training and experience in diverse backgrounds and different styles, Dr Kate covers all the bases when it comes to delivering top-quality hypnotherapy training. She is also a highly experienced therapist and a well-known expert in the hypnosis profession.

Kate has produced a number of books and online training courses on the topics of hypnotherapy, rapid therapy, and commuication, and is a highly sought-after speaker on all things hypnosis!

Kate’s Doctorate focused on the teaching and learning of hypnotherapy and she is one of the few people to have taught on the UK’s only Hypnotherapy Master’s Degree course (and was lead examiner).

Click here to find out more about Dr Kate and HypnoTC.

Our venue

All our Taster Days and Hypnotherapy Diploma training courses are located in the luxurious Royal Horseguards Hotel.

On the day

During the day you will find out about:

  • What hypnosis is, and isn’t
  • Types of hypnotherapy approach
  • Life as a hypnotherapist; applications and careers
  • How to get good training and why it is important
  • Our teaching and learning philosophy
  • The classroom experience, what you need for confidence and competence
  • Multi-layered learning and how you can excel
  • Peer and tutor support
  • Supportive learning activities
  • Qualifications and accreditations
  • How you can become a successful, confident, professional hypnotherapist


As well as providing information and engaging in discussions, you will get to experience hypnotherapy and learn some fantastic hypnosis techniques, including a full hypnosis process, that you will practice on the day and be able to use independently after the session.

Finally, you will also discover three powerful ‘secrets’ that make hypnotherapy even more effective.

HypnoTC Taster Day venue

About HypnoTC

During the day, you will find out about HypnoTC and our Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma course. You will learn how (any why) we go above and beyond other courses to offer world-class training. We recognise that there is a lot of choice in the market place for hypnotherapy training, ranging from free videos, books, online courses and in-person courses, anything from a day or two, up to almost a year.

Indeed, we are often told that trying to find the best hypnotherapy training provider can feel like navigating a minefield. So, to make it easier, here are some reasons why you may wish to choose to train with HypnoTC, based on comments from our students and graduates.

You are taught and supported by experienced trainers who are also hypnotherapy practitioners.

You receive the highest quality and substantial, relevant training content, with highly practical and interactive training. Your training exceeds UK Hypnotherapy Core Curriculum and the National Occupational standards for Hypnotherapy.

Qualifications and accreditations
You graduate with both the competence to work effectively and the confidence to do so, with three recognised and meaningful qualifications from a respected training provider in the hypnotherapy profession. Your training is accredited by several leading Professional Associations and recognised worldwide.

For full information about HypnoTC and our award-winning Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma training, we invite you to peruse the detailed information on our Hypnotherapy Diploma page.

For a quick summary, including forthcoming course dates, please check out our Key Info page.

Additional Information

Course place availability

In order to give all our students the very best experience, we cap our student numbers to 16 per cohort. As such, the Diploma course does tend to fill up fairly quickly, so we do recommend you secure your place by signing up as soon as you are ready. Places are on a first-come, first-served basis. We are committed to helping you to become the best hypnotherapist you can be.

Early sign-up bonus

Some people ‘just know’ that our training is what they want, whether intuitively, or after a ton of research. Rest assured that you will still get a special treat if you do decide to sign up now. In addition, mention ‘Eventbrite Welcome’ in your application form any time before the taster day and you will get a special 10% discount; only available for our ‘booked onto the taster day’ people. If this sounds ideal for you, then your next step is to fill out a course application.

On the day discount

We do have a very special ‘on the day’ offer, with a fantastic Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma course discount. This special discount is only available to our taster day people, as we truly value you spending the day with us.

We often find that on the day people want to sign up and receive our ‘on the day’ bonus. If our Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma course really does appeal to you, it may be beneficial to do your research and planning in advance, to help you make your final decision easier on the day.

You might find it useful to check out the dates and key information. Or for full details, please look through the syllabus and other information on the Diploma course page. You may also like to have a look at some of the comments from our past students, and even pop the course dates in your diary to ensure you are all set to join us.

Finding out more

Whether you are new to hypnotherapy, wish to improve your knowledge or would like more information about hypnotherapy training before the day, we have a wide selection of interesting hypnosis-related blogs and an extensive range of HypnoTC YouTube videos. These are a great way of getting a feel for how we teach at HypnoTC.

Questions and more information

If you have any questions, or would like a chat about any aspect of the course, or anything to do with hypnotherapy training, feel free to bring any questions you may have to the taster day. You are also welcome to email Dr Kate  at or contact her via WhatsApp on 07769 697770 prior to the event if you wish. We are always happy to help.

See you soon!

Am I eligible?

  • Anyone is welcome
  • Regardless of your age, sex, race or background – you’re more than welcome to join us
  • Absolutely no previous experience required
  • You don’t need to know anything about hypnosis
  • What you DO need, is an interest in becoming a hypnotherapist

By attending our hypnotherapy taster day, you are not obliged to sign up to any further training with us. These events are designed to provide real value to you, and aren’t just a big ‘sales pitch’. We want you to come away from the taster day having learned a lot, regardless of when you choose to learn hypnotherapy.

(However, if you do choose to sign up to our diploma course at the taster day, you’ll get a HUGE taster day discount!)

*Please do not book a place if you have psychological disorders (such as psychosis, clinical depression, schizophrenia, etc.), uncontrolled panic attacks and seizures, brain trauma, dementia or severe learning difficulties/cognitive deficits, – contact us directly for options.

**Attendees must be 18+.

What will I learn?

During our taster day, you will learn:

  • Important hypnosis and hypnotherapy facts
  • What qualifications, knowledge and skills a hypnotherapist needs
  • Common myths and misconceptions about hypnotherapy
  • Which professional associations are important as a hypnotherapist
  • How a hypnotherapy session is structured
  • The different types of hypnotherapy (and the different types of training courses that are out there)
  • What you’ll be able to help people with when you’re a fully-qualified hypnotherapist
  • How to ensure you get the best hypnotherapy training

You’ll also get a chance to practice hypnotherapy techniques yourself, including:

  • Hypnotic inductions (actually hypnotising people)
  • Hypnotic state deepeners
  • The wake up process

You will also get the chance to get hypnotised yourself (if you want to), in a group hypnosis session, led by our highly experienced tutors, and you’ll get to watch a full hypnotherapy demonstration too!

Join us at the next taster day

Hypnotherapy information
Whether you are new to hypnotherapy, wish to improve your knowledge or would like more information about hypnotherapy training before the day, we have a wide selection of interesting hypnosis-related blogs and an extensive range of HypnoTC videos on our YouTube channel. These are a great way of getting a feel for how we teach at HypnoTC.

Diploma course information
For specific information about HypnoTC and our award-winning Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma training, we invite you to peruse the information on our Diploma course page. Our next course will start in September 2024.

On the day course discount
There will be a special offer for our Hypnotherapy Diploma course which is only available for Taster Day attendees, as we truly value you spending the day with us. You might like to check out the course details and dates in advance.

A lot of hypnotherapy trainers would charge over £100 for an event with this much content, but you can attend our hypnotherapy taster day for FREE! Why? Because we want you to know if learning hypnotherapy is right for you, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to figure that out!

Here’s what some of our past attendees had to say about our taster days:

Book Your Place

Hypnotherapy Taster Day

9 July 2022  - 10am-4pm

Join us in London (Embankment)

'Learn Hypnotherapy' Taster Day

Saturday 29 June 2024 | 10am to 4pm

Join us in London (Embankment)

Hypnotherapy Taster Day

15 January 2023  - 10am-4pm

Join us in London (Embankment)

Winter 2021 Dates TBA

Online dates still available (see below)

Unfortunately you just missed our latest taster event. We will be scheduling a new one shortly. However, if you’re looking to learn more about hypnotherapy right now, we’ve got you covered.

You can either join us on an upcoming online event (details below), or you can contact us directly to arrange a 1-to-1 call/Zoom with our tutors to personally discuss your hypnotherapy training options:

Prefer to meet us ONLINE ?

In addition to running our taster days in Central London, we also run online ‘hypnotherapy discovery events’. These events are held live-online, on Zoom, and last for just 1.5 hours. They’re a great option if you’re unable to make it to our in-person events, but also if you’re more interested in becoming a hypnotherapist online. Book your place via the website here:

Can't wait?

If you want to get started on your hypnotherapy journey sooner, rather than later, click here to arrange a free 1-to-1 discovery call with our tutors.


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