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Learn How To Hypnotise

Online hypnosis training: discover how to hypnotise anyone

Hypnotise or hypnotize?

For ease of reading, wherever you are in the world, we’re going to use ‘hypnotise’ with an ‘s’ throughout this page. If you spell ‘hypnotize’ with a ‘z’, fell free to imagine the ‘s’ as a ‘z’! As you will discover on this course, there are many different views about all things hypnosis-related, including how hypnotise/ hypnotize is spelt.

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Who can learn how to hypnotise?

Rather than people being born as awesome hypnotists, it is actually something they learn. This training has been strategically designed to give you a strong foundation of core hypnosis skills. It will prepare you to go in any direction, from wherever you are right now. Whether you are curious about hypnosis, want to be able to help friends and family, desire some cool ‘show me something’ party tricks, or perhaps want to eventually become a hypnotherapist, street hypnotist or comedy stage hypnotist, this course will help you gain essential knowledge and skills.

Quick course overview

You will learn how to hypnotist fast. This 10-week live online course gets you using hypnosis in the very first session.

Rather than spending weeks discussing the theory, this course fast-tracks you straight into doing hypnosis work in week one. Subsequent sessions then develop your hypnosis skills.

Being able to assess suitability and prepare participants will help you to decide how to engage with them, and you will be taught a range of suggestibility tests that can inform how you then work.

You will then learn how to create and intensify the state of hypnosis with a range of effective hypnotic inductions, including rapid hypnosis inductions, progressive inductions and also hypnotic deepeners. This gives you the ability to select the most appropriate hypnotic approach for your participant.

In addition to creating the hypnotic state, you will learn how to interact and work with the hypnotised person. This includes delivering a hypnotic gift, ego boosting and positive change work. Going beyond the more experiential and therapeutic aspects of hypnosis, you will also learn how to safely and effectively deliver fun suggestions.

Each session uses a blend of teaching and learning strategies, including discussions, hypnosis demonstrations and practical activities. Some techniques are taught as hypnosis experiences and you will also get to experience hypnosis during the practice sessions.

If you are considering a career in hypnotherapy, this is an ideal course, giving you some essential skills that will enable you to learn hypnotherapy from an informed position.

Who is this hypnosis training course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to hypnotise, whether that is simply curiosity at this point, or you already have a hypnosis career planned. 

You might want to:

  • use hypnosis as a hobby
  • add hypnosis to a talking therapy
  • incorporate hypnosis into a physical therapy
  • become a hypnotherapist, a clinical hypnotist or a sports hypnotist
  • have some awesome ‘show me something’ party tricks
  • use hypnosis for fun as a street hypnotist
  • become a comedy stage hypnotist
  • enhance personal development
  • boost professional development

When you have learned how to hypnotise, there are many ways you can use your skills. Beyond the core hypnosis basics, which are really essential for everyone, what you want to focus on, such as fun stuff or change work, will influence what you learn.

How can I use this hypnosis training?

When you’ve completed this training, and you have learned how to hypnotise, you may choose to use it for the following:

Change work hypnotist: Helping friends and family
To help people with change, a good foundation in hypnosis skills is the starting point, and then you will be able to add in a hypnotic gift, ego strengthening and some change work suggestions. If you then want to develop further at some point, this course will give you a great foundation for training to become a hypnotherapist or clinical hypnotist.

Impromptu hypnotist: Party tricks
You will be able to hypnotise friends, even strangers, in social settings, events, parties, or even your local pub or bar. You can enjoy doing some suggestibility tests, a simple hypnosis routine, or something that demonstrates the power of the mind.

Comedy hypnotist: Entertaining people with hypnosis
Does the fun side of hypnosis excite you? This course can give you a well-informed start in this direction. You can then work out if this is something that resonates with you. This course is not intended to be a stage hypnosis course, but it will give you some awesome skills to be able to get the most from live stage hypnosis training.

Some examples of how you could use what you learn:

  • Alex can use his hypnosis skills to help friends and family with their personal development. This ranges from helping an aunt let go of workplace stress, to working with a cousin who wants to improve her eating habits.

  • Fiona is able to use the fun stuff with her friends at college.

  • Max is a counsellor and he can now include some hypnotic relaxation and change work with his clients.

  • Nico is a gardener and is considering a career change, to become a hypnotherapist. He wants to get an understanding of what it would like to be able to hypnotise, to get a feel for whether or not he would like it.

  • Rafe is a sports coach and he is able to use ego strengthening with his athletes to help them connect to the power of their mind and how it relates to their performance.

What you will learn on this course

This course complements Dr Kate’s popular book, Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize – 10 steps to success.

During the first session, we will cover the essential hypnosis fundamentals that will enable you to hypnotise someone. This includes a discussion on what hypnosis is, and what it isn’t. Some of the myths about hypnosis might surprise you. We will also explore hypnotic phenomena; responses which can occur in hypnosis, whether spontaneously or in response to suggestion. Some of your work in hypnosis makes use of phenomena, so it is useful to understand what is involved. You will also learn how a hypnosis session is structured and how to prepare someone for hypnosis and gain consent to be hypnotised. This is all excellent preparation for you to first experience hypnosis and then hypnotise a fellow classmate.

In the second session, we start by considering your hypnosis voice and your mindset as well as other key practical considerations in preparing you to hypnotise. We then go on to explore what is needed to prepare your hypnosis environment, and the person you will be hypnotising. Not forgetting how to manage an audience who may observe your hypnotising work. We then go on to explore what is needed and how to get information for hypnosis and then, we move on to suggestibility testing. Your practice in this session is focused around the use of suggestibility testing.

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Our third session is focused on creating the hypnotic state. We start by looking at what is involved in permissive inductions, and authoritarian and dynamic hypnotic inductions, before moving on to a detailed exploration of a range of rapid inductions and progressive inductions. You will also learn an awesome rapid re-induction that will definitely save time in your subsequent hypnosis sessions. As you might imagine, the practice in this session will be focused on using hypnotic inductions.

The fourth session is all about intensifying the hypnotic state with hypnotic deepeners. You will learn a range of approaches from simple suggestion work, through to counting, physical and fractionation approaches. There will be lots of use of deepeners during your skill building practice.

By now, you will have learned and become familiar with creating and intensifying the hypnotic state. Our fifth session gives you some useful hypnosis techniques to use in the state that you have created. This means that even when you are simply getting in some great hypnosis skill building, you can reward your participants with something that will help them feel fabulous afterwards.

Session six has a focus on effectively re-alerting your hypnosis participants. Will you have already learned the essentials of how to do this by now? Absolutely – it is something you will learn on session one. However, in this session you will gain a deeper understanding of both the full re-alerting process and a fantastic rapid re-alerting technique. You will also get some awesome practice, working through a full hypnosis protocol.

The seventh session is focused on ego strengthening and we cover a range of powerful techniques that can be used to boost self-esteem, resilience and self-confidence. These techniques empower each person you work with, helping them to let go of stress and gain greater self-control, as well as reinforcing positive lifestyle, cognitive and behavioural changes. You will find out how amazing these techniques are during your hypnosis practice.

Session eight is all about positive change work. You will learn how to create effective hypnotic suggestions, enabling you to create truly bespoke work with the person you are hypnotising. You will also learn a great range of therapy techniques for boosting mental health, letting go of stress, and creating positive mind and body changes. You will also learn how to deal with the unexpected, giving you the confidence to work in a wide range of settings and situations. Your practice in this session is focused on hypnotic change work.

The nineth session is focused on the fun side of hypnosis. Whatever your interest in learning hypnosis, it is always useful to have something available to use for that “Can you show me something?” question that seems inevitable when you are talking about hypnosis. It can be useful for someone focused on positive change work, as you then have tools to clearly and safely demonstrate the power of someone’s mind. In the same way, if you are working in a more impromptu way, such as with ‘street hypnosis’ (e.g. in a bar), or with comedy hypnosis (often called ‘stage hypnosis’), this session gives you a clear starting point. You will learn about safe preparation and management, together with types of routines and how to transition between them. In addition, we will explore how to deliver enjoyable stuff online. You will also get an opportunity to practice some fun suggestions and routines within the session.

The tenth and final session brings everything together and there is a full hypnosis practice. We will also explore how to gain experience beyond the course, ways of finding people to practice with and how to engage in mentoring and supervision. Finally, we look at potential next steps, whatever you are most interested in.

'Learn How To Hypnotise' Course Outline

This is a one session per week course, spread over 10 weeks. It is held live online, via Zoom.

Each session is 2 hours in duration. It is a blend of teaching, discussions, activities and plenty of practice.

Session 1 = Do it now

  • What hypnosis is and isn’t
  • Hypnotic phenomena
  • Hypnotic intention
  • Consent for hypnosis
  • Preparing to hypnotise
  • Session structure
  • Experiencing hypnosis
  • Hypnotising practice 

Session 2 = Getting engagement

  • The hypnotic voice
  • Mindset
  • Preparing yourself
  • Preparing the environment
  • Preparing your participant
  • Managing an audience
  • Getting information
  • Suggestibility testing
  • Suggestibility testing practice

Session 3 = Creating hypnosis

  • The hypnotic induction
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Eye fixation induction
  • Hand drop induction
  • Rapid re-induction
  • Hypnosis induction practice

Session 4 = Intensifying hypnosis

  • The hypnotic deepener
  • Deepening suggestions
  • Countdown deepeners
  • The rocking deepener
  • Fractionation deepening
  • Hypnotic deepening practice

Session 5 = Giving a gift

  • Gift giving
  • The special place
  • The gift tree
  • Hypnotic gift giving practice

Session 6 = Concluding hypnosis

  • Delivering the re-alerting protocol
  • Full re-alerting
  • Rapid re-alerting
  • Hypnotic re-alerting practice
  • Full hypnosis protocol practice

Session 7 = Boosting the person

  • Ego strengthening
  • Direct ego strengthening
  • Indirect ego strengthening
  • Metaphorical ego strengthening
  • The cloud and the sun technique
  • The garden technique
  • Hypnotic ego strengthening practice

Session 8 = Positive change work

  • Hypnotic suggestions
  • Direct suggestion work
  • Indirect suggestion work
  • The boundary technique
  • The BOOST technique
  • Mental rehearsal
  • The control centre
  • Dealing with the unexpected
  • Hypnotic change work practice

Session 9 = Having fun

  • Preparing for the fun stuff
  • Creating hypnosis for fun stuff
  • Compliance suggestions
  • Safety suggestions
  • Routine transitions
  • Working with phenomena
  • Simple suggestions
  • First, second and third level routines
  • Hypnotic fun stuff practice

Session 10 = Getting practice

  • Sooner, rather than later
  • Beginners’ mind
  • Practice with whom?
  • Routes to finding people
  • Mentoring and supervision
  • The next steps
  • Full hypnosis session practice

Practical Focus

Hypnosis is a practical skill. The aim of this course is to help you develop confidence and competence to hypnotise and use hypnosis safely and effectively. As such, you will learn the necessary theory to support your practice, so that you know both what to do and why you are doing it.

You will be able to practice and develop your hypnosis skills both during our sessions and after, enabling you to optimise your abilities and develop a sense of inner confidence and awareness that you are capable. As practice is so important, we ask that you fully participate in each practical activity.

A dynamic, live online training experience

Our ‘Learn How To Hypnotise’ training course is held live online via Zoom. This enables us to make use of Zoom breakout rooms for supervised and independent practical activities.

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This ‘Learn How To Hypnotise’ training course has many practical elements and you will be expected to participate, both giving and receiving hypnosis. You do not need to have any prior experience of hypnosis to participate. 

Learn How To Hypnotise Online Training Course

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