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Why HypnoTC only do Hypnotherapy Training in London

Why HypnoTC only do Hypnotherapy Training in London


London – why?

It’s a common question we get asked a lot:

“Why do you only offer your professional hypnotherapy training courses in central London…”

…and well, there are a couple of reasons for this:


1 – London is the capital of the UK, and as such it has the highest population of people of anywhere in the country. As a matter of fact, London is #22 on the list of most highly populated cities in the world (according to Wikipedia)

crowded street of London

From a business perspective (take note, hypnotherapists…) you should be willing to go to where the majority of your prospective customers are…at least initially. Once word spreads that you’re a top-notch trainer, hypnotherapist, or that you’re one of the most highly recommended hypnotherapists in your own niche, at that point people will TRAVEL TO YOU, no matter the distance.

Our trainers have had people fly from Australia, India, China, Europe, America and Canada to train with them… and this brings us on to the next point…


2 – London has the best transport connections in the UK from a national and an international perspective. If you’re offering a service, you need to make that service as available as possible. If someone wants your service enough, they WILL travel for it.

Tube to Embankment London

Our students understand that training with HypnoTC is worth travelling a couple (or a couple of hundred) extra miles… because if you go the extra miles to get to us, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure you are trained to the highest possible standard as a hypnotherapist!


3 – General location is important, venue is more important. If we were running hypnotherapy training in some crappy Holiday Inn off the M25, or in a pokey little village, our students would probably feel as though we “cut costs” on our training (and not just the room aspect either). The same can be true as a hypnotherapist too, if you’re in a crappy room, you may give the impression that you’re a crappy hypnotherapist… Hey, not accusing, just a thought!

All of our hypnotherapy training in London is held at the Royal Horseguards Hotel (on the Embankment). It’s a 5 star hotel (with a 5 star restaurant…if you have a taste for the expensive and ostentatious)… The simple fact that we teach hypnotherapy within such an awe-inspiring establishment allows for a highly luxurious experience, whether coming along to learn hypnotherapy, or just coming for a free taster day.

Royal Horseguards Hotel London

(Yes, this is our actual training venue!
…the hotel, not the boat!)

We want our students to have the best, because we know that’s what we’d want if we were the ones looking for training!


4 – Wherever you go, people will always have to travel. If we were to run a course in Manchester (for example), I’m 100% sure that we’d get messages from people who live in Leeds (less than 50 miles down the road), asking when we’re doing a course in Leeds. The fact is, as mentioned in point 2, if people want something enough they WILL travel for it. You need to focus on making what it is that you have to offer (whether hypnotherapy or otherwise) good enough that people will travel from miles around to work with you!

Quality hypnotherapy training


5 – The final point is: “it’s London” – London is amazing, there’s something for everyone. There are hotels from budget to boutique to bankrupting… More restaurants than you can shake a stick at… It’s the UK’s hub of music, entertainment and overall interesting experiences! To me, there is no better place to hold a top-quality hypnotherapy training course than the center of one of the best, brightest and most amazing cities on Earth.

UK London hypnosis training


So come and visit us in London, whether you want to train as a hypnotherapist and get your NGH Hypnotherapy Certification, or perhaps just come along for one of our FREE Introduction to Hypnotherapy taster days and get a sample of what it’s like to experience learning in this wonderful city, in this amazing venue, with HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company.


– written by the HypnoTC team

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