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Hypnotherapy training cost in the UK

Hypnotherapy Training Cost UK

People often search Google for ‘hypnotherapy training cost UK’ or ‘how much does it cost to learn hypnotherapy in the UK’, etc. before signing up to a training course. Now, being frugal is smart. It’s definitely worth looking after your money and only investing in things that are worth your time, money and effort. However, being a ‘cheapskate’ isn’t necessarily that smart, especially with something as important as training for your future career. So, as important as it is to consider the initial cost of hypnotherapy training, the thing that’s more important is the quality of training that you get. But more on that in a moment…


There are many ‘cheap’ / ‘budget’ options out there

If your main goal when learning hypnotherapy is cost and cost alone, then you’re in luck. You can (at time of writing) go onto E-bay and grab yourself a ‘Hypnotherapy Certified Training Personal Development eLearning Course’ for just £29.50. Yes, that’s about the same cost as a takeaway or a round of drinks up the pub with your friends… and if E-bay is a bit rich for your blood, then fear not! Udemy is offering a ‘Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma’ for only £9.99! Yes, a whole diploma for under a tenner! Unbelievable, right? Well, actually not quite.

As you may know, hypnotherapy is ‘unregulated’ in the UK, meaning that anyone can offer a hypnotherapy qualification and call it whatever they like (regardless of their own skills and qualifications). That said, diplomas tend to be the most popular choice of qualification title, whether from reputable hypnotherapy training companies/schools or less-reputable trainers. In fact, our own training course is a hypnotherapy diploma too, however, it differs greatly from the Udemy diploma mentioned above. For further information on the different ‘names/titles’ of hypnotherapy training qualifications and how to know what they mean and which to choose, take a look at this blog on the topic.


Anyway, here’s a little further information about the ‘budget option’ mentioned above:

The £9.99 (usually £29.99, full money-back guarantee) Udemy ‘diploma’ offers:

  • 27.5 hours on-demand video
  • 7 articles
  • 148 downloadable resources (non-specific)
  • A certificate

In comparison, our own hypnotherapy diploma training offers:

  • 130 hours (20 days) classroom training
  • 80+ training videos (16.5+ hours)
  • Extensive course notes (650+ A4 pages)
  • Online learning centre including ‘downloadable resources’
  • Daily access to 2 highly experienced tutors
  • Personal feedback on homework (of which there is 330+ hours)
  • Examinations to verify you are competent
  • An externally accredited, nationally recognised certificate
  • Internationally recognised (NGH) certification (optional)
  • Constant support and supervision throughout the course
  • Online student forum for ongoing support during/after the course

Hypnotherapy Training London Course hypnotc ngh course hypnotherapy diploma


Cheap vs. value

As you’ve probably guessed, our training is not cheap like the Udemy/E-bay options, but instead it has amazing value. It’s important to weigh up the value vs. the cost of the hypnotherapy training you’re looking to take. Our course is able to offer such value because the entire course process (including home study) equates to over 450 hours of training. In fact, 450 hours is the minimum amount of training required to meet the UK Core Curriculum for Hypnotherapy (which represents standards set by the voluntary regulator, and is agreed/revised by some of the top hypnotherapists/trainers in the UK who know what you need to learn in order to become a competent, professional hypnotherapist). However, as many less-good-quality hypnotherapy courses (both online and offline) do not meet the UK Core Curriculum, there are hypnotherapy trainers/schools out there who argue against the need for a Core Curriculum. That’s often just because their own courses do not meet the Core Curriculum, whether due to lack of content, not enough course hours, not enough marked homework, case studies, externally marked exams, etc. So, on that note, we highly recommend that you search for a course that does meet/exceed the UK Core Curriculum as a bare minimum for your hypnotherapy training.

Anyway, back to the hypnotherapy training cost topic…

Our hypnotherapy diploma course costs £2995 (at time of writing). It is cheaper than some courses and costs more than others. There are many other factors involved in choosing a top quality hypnotherapy course that you should consider alongside cost:

  • Course content (what is covered)
  • Tutors hypnotherapy experience
  • Tutors teaching experience
  • Course location
  • Course duration
  • Course structure/delivery
  • Course notes/supplements
  • Are there examinations?
  • What do you get at the end (certificate)

If you want to learn a bit more about all of those considerations, then check out this blog on the topic.

As you’ve already seen, low cost options often equate to shorter course duration. However, it’s not always that way. There are courses out there that cost as much (or more) than our own 20-day hypnotherapy diploma, and for around the same price you only get 4-5 days of training. Now, although doing an intensive course to ‘get your qualification’ as soon as possible can be a very tempting thought, it’s likely that your qualification will not have as much value if you get it so quicklyMeaning, you might pay the same amount of money for the end result (a certificate), but you might not get the actual high-value result (which is knowing how to do hypnotherapy quite as effectively).

hypnotherapy certificate diploma qualification hypnotherapy training cost uk

If you were a learner driver, you wouldn’t expect to just do a £9.99 video course and then jump in the car for your driving test, would you? Even taking a few ‘intensive’ days of live driving training is unlikely to be enough for you to pass your exam and drive safely… Learning a new skill (especially a complex one like driving or hypnotherapy) takes time, effort and lots of repetition over a long period. This is why ‘intensive hypnotherapy training courses’ will often end up working out at a higher cost for the majority of students, because once the course is over, the ‘skill fade’ is very quick (meaning you forget what you learned and lose confidence in your abilities) IF you don’t immediately begin practising, and continue learning, that is. Whereas, with a longer course that’s spaced over a period of months (or even years), that requires constant engagement (with homework and case studies), revision for exams and even working with real clients during the course, you’re much more likely to retain the information that you need to become an effective hypnotherapist.


The cost isn’t just the cost

So, the commonly searched ‘hypnotherapy training cost UK’ question is not as simple as a mere number. At the end of the day, look for the value. Sign up for a hypnotherapy training course that’s going to give you what you need to set up your practice as a hypnotherapist as soon as the course is over. Join a course that is going to teach you a broad range of approaches and how to work with various conditions, and in a way that you are able to effectively engage with as a student. Above all, consider that you are looking to embark on a new career (and a career that can be highly lucrative, which will help you quickly pay off your initial investment). Know that other people spend thousands of pounds, even tens of thousands plus to qualify for careers in the health sector. You are important, you are looking to help people. So, you owe it to yourself to invest in yourself in order to set yourself up for a great, lucrative career as a hypnotherapist.

…and £9.99 ain’t gonna cut it!


We hope that this blog on the topic of ‘hypnotherapy training cost UK’ has been helpful to you. If you have any more questions about this topic or anything else for that matter, do please get in touch, because we’re always happy to help!


– written by the HypnoTC team

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