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The Hypnotherapy Earnings Calculator

Here is an useful free tool for you, called “The Hypnotherapy Earnings Calculator” – it will help you get an idea of what you could be earning after you’ve qualified as a hypnotherapist…

You can set your own”fee per session/hour” and “fee per smoking session” to reflect what you are comfortable charging, and the value that you believe your skills as a hypnotherapist are worth…

You can then set the amount of clients that you’d like to work with per week (or perhaps the amount of clients that you think you could feasibly attract per week, if you’re just starting out).

Once you’ve put that information in, you’ll immediately get 4 results:

  • Total clients seen per week
  • Total earnings per week
  • Total earnings per month
  • Total earnings per year


We have pre-set the forms with a rough idea of “industry average” pricing estimates and have set it at 4 clients a week (2 sessions + 2 smokers), but you can change it to suit you.

Have a play around with it, and work out just how much work you want to do… How many clients you would like to be seeing per week… How much you will charge per session… and that will give you a great idea of what you will earn as a hypnotherapist:


We hope you found the Hypnotherapy Earnings Calculator useful, please share this page with your friends (and it doesn’t just have to be used for hypnotherapy, you can use it for any business where you see clients at a set fee)…

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