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Hypnotherapy Diploma - Key Info

A quick summary of essential information to help you make the right choice of training provider

Training Format

This is one of the most comprehensive hypnotherapy courses available worldwide. It comprises:

  • 460 hours total learning
  • 130 hours (20 days) in-person classes
  • 165 hours directed learning (set homework) including videos and activities
  • 165 hours self-directed study (you choose from a range of topics)

A Typical Day in Class

Each day is highly interactive and participative, designed to optimise your learning and build your confidence, with:

  • Quiz and discussion on previous day/ weekend topics
  • Theory topic activity
  • Technique demonstration, discussion, practical work, reflection
  • Client activity (eg consultation skills)


The course fee is just £3,795 (all training materials & exams included).

The only additional costs are for class catch-up sessions and exam re-sits.

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The next course starts in Whitehall, London in September 2024.

The weekend dates are: 21/22 Sep – 19/20 Oct – 23/24 Nov – 21/22 Dec – 25/26 Jan, 22/23 Feb, 22/23 Mar – 26/27 Apr – 24/25 May – 21/22 Jun


Upon successful completion of our diploma course and examinations, you will receive:

  • HypnoTC Hypnotherapy Diploma
  • Hypnotherapy in Practice (HPD) Level 4
  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) hypnotherapy certification


Our hypnotherapy diploma course is recognised by the following professional associations:

  • National Guild of Hypnotists
  • National Council for Hypnotherapy
  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
  • Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • British Society of Clinical Hypnosis


Our hypnotherapy diploma course includes a depth and breadth of training to help you become an elite professional hypnotherapist. Key sections within our syllabus include:

  • Client intake, treatment planning and data collection protocols
  • Creating/ maintaining the state of hypnosis
  • Working with clients in the hypnotic state
  • Specific conditions and symptom management
  • Theoretical foundations and perspectives
  • Practice managment and marketing strategies
  • Homework and self-study

Course Resources

We provide expert tuition using multi-layered learning, including:

  • In-person classroom teaching
  • Detailed course manuals
  • Access to our Student Learning Centre with rich content
  • 80+ hypnotherapy training videos
  • Useful templates and forms
  • Hypnosis language cards
  • Live online HPD development sessions

Ready To Sign Up?

Our application process consists of two steps: an initial application form, followed by a telephone interview.

We like to know who is joining our course; as well as ensuring this is the right course for you, we also like to make sure that you are right for the course. By enrolling individuals who are a ‘good fit’, we work towards creating a positive learning environment for all students (including you).

So, when you’re ready to begin the application process, click the button below and complete our Hypnotherapy Diploma Application Form. Once that’s done, we’ll contact you directly to arrange a telephone interview.

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