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Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

THE course for already-qualified hypnotherapists to UPSKILL and REFRESH

As an exclusive, award-winning hypnotherapy school, we know a lot about good quality hypnotherapy training and what a great hypnotherapy course should consist of. However, there are many schools out there that aren’t offering training to our own high standards. In fact, there are some real ‘hypnotherapy school horror stories’ out there too, unfortunately, as you’ll see further down this page.

If you have already taken a hypnotherapy course elsewhere but it left you lacking something, the read on. Perhaps you don’t yet feel confident or skilled enough to help your clients (or to even get clients… If you feel like something’s missing, and it’s stopping you from thriving as a professional hypnotherapist, then we’ve got you covered!

Already-qualified hypnotherapists are welcome to join our level-4 diploma course to upskill and fill in the gaps that other training courses may have left. At HypnoTC, our world-class diploma course not only gives you everything that you need to become an expert hypnotherapist, but it is also a highly practical training course, giving you the ability to really hone your skills in class before moving on to working successfully with your paying clients.

It may be that you trained a while ago, and your training may even have been great at the time, but you haven’t used what you learned in a while, or feel a bit rusty, then you are most welcome to join our training and not only refresh your skills and knowledge,  but also boost your professional confidence, and develop the knowledge that you  have the ability now to to work effectively with a wide range of client needs.

At HypnoTC, we can help you to develop genuine confidence in your abilities, giving you the opportunity to become the best hypnotherapist you can be.

and that’s not all…

Save £1,500

We are offering this service at a hugely discounted rate, because you’ve already paid once! Also, by helping you to get good training, we ensure that the hypnotherapy profession on the whole is as strong as it can possibly be – and that is incredibly important to us, both as trainers and hypnotherapists ourselves.

Our standard course fee is usually £3,795

You can join us for just £2,295*


The problem with SOME hypnotherapy trainers

For as long as we can remember, even since we first opened our doors back in 2015, we have been joined on our courses by hypnotherapists who have qualified elsewhere, with other schools and trainers. Some qualified with the smaller, lesser-known organisations, but the majority of people were originally trained with some of the larger, more well-recognised ones. The problem is, as a first-time hypnotherapy student, it’s nigh-on impossible to know what you should be taught, as well as what isn’t appropriate and what you’re missing out on(unless you visit our website, that is)! 

Over the years, we have heard from so many people who’ve trained elsewhere and they’ve let us know about hypnotherapy schools and tutors who are really ‘letting the side down’. In some cases, these newly-trained hypnotherapists were able to come to us to upskill and build upon their foundation of existing knowledge and skills, and in other cases we’ve helped people to completely re-build their skills all the way from the bottom up, where their previous courses failed them. In other, less fortunate cases, some people were left so deeply out of pocket that they were unable to engage in any further training, and had to go back to their old jobs to recoup their misplaced investments. This is the reason we’ve developed our new upskill and re-training initiative for already qualified therapists, to give those who’ve had the misfortune of taking ‘less-than-optimal training’ a chance to learn hypnotherapy from trainers who really do put everything into delivering a top-quality and truly practitioner-level course.

Have you had previous poor training experiences?

We find it sad that we often hear of poor training experiences prior to training with HypnoTC.

As public reviews are important, we’d like to give you an idea of some of the negative course experiences mentioned by people we’ve spoken to (and some who we’ve helped to upskill and re-train), in case a similar situation has befallen you.

You won’t see often honest negative reviews, like the ones below, published on the websites of many training organisations, as they have total control over the reviews that they post, and will generally not post anything negative about themselves. 

That’s another reason we’ve created this initiative, to give ‘a voice’ to those people who have nowhere else to share their negative experiences and concerns.

If you have had a similar experience, feel free to contact us directly, and we can add your review to the others featured below. We can also help you to move forwards towards a positive future as a confident and competent hypnotherapist.

A quick point on testimonials. Feel free to look at all of our student testimonials. Not everything they say is glowingly positive. They mention how much work out course is. That is there is a lot of homework. That we expect a lot from our students. Not fluffy! But true! So we don’t edit out those comments. We want you to have a clear understanding of what is involved when you choose to train with HypnoTC. 

Please note, we will not be mentioning the names of the students nor the names (or any identifying details) of any of the training providers directly, because many of the people we have spoken with were unwilling or unable to share that information publicly:

( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“We were only taught one hypnotic induction on the course, and it involved having the client lay down and putting a blanket over them. I’ve since learned that this is unnecessary and super limiting, as was a lot of what I was taught by them!”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“On my course that was held over a number of weekends, we only got to do a single practical for the whole weekend, we did it on the Sunday afternoon! It definitely wasn’t enough practice!”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“I can’t say which course I took, as I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so I’m not legally allowed to say anything bad about my training publicly. Needless to say, I would if I could, as the course content was very niche and restrictive and it cost me a LOT of money.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
"The course I did only taught me how to use one 'model' of therapy, and that I should apply it to ALL my clients. If the model didn't work for my clients, I had nowhere else to go within my therapy session."
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
"When teaching us practical techniques, the tutor didn't break down the techniques very well, and he then asked us to just 'get on with it', even though we didn't know what we were doing or why we were doing it. The whole thing was a shambles."
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“We were forced to work on significant trauma in class when we were LEARNING how to do the [name removed] method of therapy. It was WAY TOO MUCH, especially for us as beginners, and I know I personally left the course feeling like Pandora’s Box had been opened and the contents were left unresolved. I still don’t feel fully back to normal even now.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“During lockdown, our training provider continued running our course, but moved it online. As we started out training in person, I guess the course wasn’t designed to be done online, and it really showed. Definitely didn’t get the level of training and experience I was expecting when I signed up, and they didn’t even re-start training in person when rules changed and they could have!”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“The course I attended was almost devoid of practice, and consisted mainly of lectures. The level of theory was great, but I left the course not being able to actually do hypnosis. So my confidence has really suffered as a result.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“The page on their website where I signed up said it met the UK’s training requirements for hypnotherapy, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t, as we weren’t taught half of the things that I’ve gone on to learn with you guys at HypnoTC. Live and learn I guess.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“We had different trainers throughout the course, some were good, others had absolutely no teaching skills and seemingly very little knowledge about the topic of hypnotherapy, which they were meant to be teaching us!!!”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“I took an intensive course (less than a week long) with a popular trainer I found who had a lot of content on Facebook and Instagram and who’s been featured in the media as an ‘expert’. The course cost me thousands of pounds. I was promised confidence and skills, and I left with neither. Not to mention the lack of hypnotherapy theory info. It was abysmal.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“The course didn’t prepare me for setting up as a hypnotherapist, not only was I ill-prepared for working with real people, but I had no idea how to set up my business and market myself. I really regret not doing my research before signing up with them.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“On our [number removed]-weekend course, which was supposedly ‘level 4’, the tutor wasted hours of class time every weekend going around the class and asking us to share details about “our positive week” with the class. I mean, wtf? And I paid the best part of 3 grand for the course, it was an absolute joke!!”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“There were so many people in my course group, I think it was 50+, that I got almost no one on one time with the tutor. So many people during the practical activities were doing things wrong, it seemed really dangerous, and lots of people were having abreactions.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“The trainer used to read from the course manuals word-for-word. She couldn’t answer any deeper questions we had, unless they were in the manual. I withdrew from the course before completing, and they wouldn’t give me a refund.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“I wasn’t expected to do any homework as part of my practitioner training, nor were there any exams to pass the course. It’s terrifying that people with so little training are out there trying to do hypnotherapy.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“After I qualified as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner with [name removed], he no longer responded to my emails for help and support, and told me if I wanted ongoing support that I had to sign up to his mentoring services, which would cost thousands of pounds!!! Some of these trainers are really just in it for the money and don’t seem to care whether their students succeed or not!!!”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“My original course didn’t provide me with much in the way of course manuals and there were no training videos or anything like that, we had to listen and then try to copy what the teacher did. We really needed a lot more support, both in written form, and from the tutor himself.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“The course was held in a really poor location, the venue was awful, and the training was a lot worse.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“Our tutor used to sit on his phone during our practice in class, not paying attention to whatever we were doing (even significant therapy stuff). He even sometimes went out of the room to make phone calls, it was beyond unprofessional, and actually scary!”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“It wasn’t clear when I signed up, but I ended up having to pay a bunch of hidden extra costs for tutorials and exams. It ended up costing me a lot more than I initially signed up for.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“It seemed like [name removed] didn’t have a structure or syllabus that she was working towards, and just kind of ‘winged it’ for each lesson. I came away probably more confused afterwards than when I went into the course.”
( These reviews relate to different training schools - not HypnoTC )
“There were people on the course who really were not fit to be hypnotherapists, one woman had a significant psychological disorder and it affected all of us when we had to work with her in class. They really just let anybody join with no prior checks for safety.”
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Upskill with HypnoTC

If you have been unfortunate with your original hypnotherapy practitioner training and you’re ready to learn hypnotherapy properly, we’d be happy to welcome you onto our upcoming level-4 hypnotherapy diploma course. We’d also like to give you £1,500 off our course fee as a gesture of goodwill, so that you can finally get the training that you deserve.

For full details of what our course gives you, visit the main diploma course page, where you’ll find our full syllabus, accreditation info, past-student testimonials, details about the three qualifications you’ll receive, upcoming course dates, and everything else you need to know before you commit to join us:

How to claim the offer

Once you’ve checked out our course details, next, please check the terms and conditions below to verify that you are eligible to claim this offer. Then, when you’re ready, you can submit your application using the ‘fill out your application form’ button below.

Terms and Conditions

In order to claim the £1,500 ‘upskill initiative’ discount, your original training course must have either,

a) been advertised as meeting the UK Core Curriculum for Hypnotherapy, or;

b) been externally accredited to practitioner-level by any of the following professional bodies; NCH, NGH, GHSC/GHR, FHT, BIH, BSCH, UKHC, or;

c) cost more than £2,000 for your place on the course (only applies to a single course, not multiple course fees)

We require proof that you have taken the course, whether in the form of your course certificate (scan/photo), or an invoice/receipt from your original course provider for the course.

This is a limited time offer, which is subject to availability and may changed or be withdrawn at any time.

Join hundreds of satisfied HypnoTC students

Claim the Offer - Apply Now

As you may already know, our diploma course application process consists of two steps, an initial application form, followed by a telephone interview. We like to know who is joining our course, and as well as ensuring this is the right course for you, we also like to make sure that you are right for the course. By enrolling individuals who are a ‘good fit’, we work towards creating a positive learning environment for all students (including you).

So, when you’re ready to begin the application process, click the button below and complete our Hypnotherapy Diploma Application Form – once that’s done, we’ll contact you directly to arrange a telephone interview.

IMPORTANT: When we speak on the phone, please let us know that you’re claiming the ‘upskill/re-training offer’, and we’ll do the rest.

Request a call back

We understand that signing up to a hypnotherapy diploma course is a big commitment, and that you want to make the right decision (especially the second time around)!

Request a call back and one of our experienced hypnotherapy tutors, Kate and Rory, will personally call you, talk you through anything about the course you’d like clarifying, and answer any questions you have about training with us.