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Hypnotherapy Research Supervision

hypnotherapy research supervision

Hypnotherapy Research

With public, professional and academic interest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy research increasing, both researchers and practitioners are seeking to understand, and add to the field of knowledge in these areas. 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy research was once more the domain of the research laboratory, and research teams, than the hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Now, evidence-based practice is more possible than ever, with the emergence and accessibility of hypnosis and hypnotherapy research. Furthermore, practice-based evidence is becoming more widely sought and understood.

Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists as Researchers

There is increasing interest amongst hypnotists and hypnotherapists in how to record and evidence the work that they are engaged in, whether sharing good practice, innovative approaches, or even consistently successful outcomes from a well-established traditional technique. Yet research skills are not commonly taught on hypnosis and hypnotherapy training courses.  Practitioners wishing to contribute to new knowledge with scientific, technological, social or cultural advancement can now be supported in their research process.

Kate can help guide you through the entire process, from exploring an initial concept, through to disseminating your outcomes.

Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists Wishing to Understand Research

As the research emerges, so hypnotists and hypnotherapists wish to be able to make use of that research to enhance their practice. Yet, it can be challenging to understand what the research outcome are and how translate research articles, and their key messages, into real-world practice.

Kate can help you develop the knowledge and skills to be able to assess research and make use of relevant research, and to engage in evidence-based practice where it is appropriate for your work.

Academic Researchers using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

There is increasing academic interest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy amongst researchers. Both exploring aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy practice, and also looking at individual differences according to hypnotic susceptibility. Yet ‘real-world’ practice is not commonly taught to research academics who are not, themselves, practitioners. This can result in research outcomes which may be more relevant to the research environment, and less so to the therapy room.

Kate can help academics develop the hypnosis and hypnotherapy knowledge and skills needed to be able to more effectively bridge the gap between laboratory and therapy room.

What does a hypnosis research supervisor do?

Kate offers research guidance for hypnotists and hypnotherapists who wish to conduct hypnosis or hypnotherapy research independently. Kate also offers subject-specialist supervision alongside academic supervision for students engaged in formal study with a college or university. It may be that you are seeking help in just one area of the research process, or support through the entire process. Kate can help you develop new skills, techniques, tools and materials to enable you to conceive, design, implement and adapt your own research process. She can also teach you how to engage with critical analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of new and complex ideas.

Supervision Topics

Concept and planning stage:
Exploring possible research topics
Assessing and developing subject specific and general research skills
Signposting to resources
Preparation of project feasibility reports (capability, resources, skills)
Conducting a research risk assessment
Preparation of research framework, time management and timescale

Proposal stage:
Preparation of research proposal
Understanding research methodology, paradigms and methods
Selecting qualitative and quantitative research
Choosing your approach (e.g. experimental, quasi-experimental, non-experimental or systematic review)
Understanding research ethics

Engaging with literature:
Finding and understanding research literature
Conducting background research and using research materials
Conducting a literature review
Using EndNote and other bibliography and reference manager systems

Active research:
Engaging with research materials
Design and use of questionnaires and interviews and other methods of data collection
Conducting active research and fieldwork
Use of suggestibility testing
Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy suggestions and techniques with research subjects
Researching the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy with clients

Dealing with data:
Reporting and analysis research results
Using qualitative analysis methods (e.g. Thematic Analysis, IPA)
Using quantitative analysis statistics and tools (e.g. SPSS)

Writing up and disseminating:
Discussing research and reaching conclusions
Structuring your report, project or thesis
Academic referencing
Writing for publication

About Your Supervisor

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks has a broad range of research expertise, and is an experienced research supervisor. She has taught Research Methods at MSc. Level, and supervised many MSc. Hypnotherapy thesis students through to successful completion of their projects.

Kate is a clinical supervisor, and Approved Supervisor with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH), with skills in both individual and group supervision, Kate is a highly qualified and diversely experienced clinical hypnotist and hypnotherapist, with extensive specialist training including medical hypnosis, NLP, REBT, H-CBT, EMDR, IEMT, addictions and trauma. Her skills and knowledge are supported by six years of research into hypnotherapy teaching and learning for her Doctorate, together with Masters degrees in Psychology and Health Management.

She has therapy practices in West London and East London, and also works with a London teaching hospital, providing training for medical staff and also using hypnotherapy with in-patients and day cases. In addition, she writes articles for prominent publications, and regularly speaks at both national and international conferences.

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks

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Eligibility: All those looking to engage in hypnotherapy research (whether therapist or researcher) are encouraged to engage in research supervision.

IMPORTANT – Before you book: Please contact Dr Kate Beaven-Marks directly to ensure that you are eligible for supervision, and to confirm a mutually-suitable date / time for the supervision session to take place. You can contact Kate via email at or by phone/text/WhatsApp on +44 (0)7769 697 770. After speaking to Kate, you’ll then need to confirm your supervision slot by paying your supervision session fee here:

1-to-1 Research Supervision

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