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HypnoTC tutors’ bedtime sleep book a hit with parents!

HypnoTC tutors’ bedtime sleep book a hit with parents!

Bedtime sleep book by HypnoTC tutors

It’s a couple of months since Sam the Sleepy Sheep was released, and already parents from all around the world are benefiting from the subtle influences of conversational hypnosis and hypnotic story telling contained in the bedtime sleep book written by HypnoTC tutors; Rory Z and Dr Kate.





Sam the Sleepy Sheep helps children go to sleep

The story of Sam the Sleepy Sheep is designed for young children (but old enough to understand basic language (so 2-3+ years old), and helps parents to talk their children to sleep using repetition, directive language, nested loops, pacing and leading and many other subtle hypnotherapeutic techniques.

If you or someone you know has a struggle at bedtime, then Sam the Sleepy Sheep may just be the answer that you’re looking for. Here’s a review from a mum in Cornwall: “We have read the story and she loves it – She slept right through!… [click for full story]”

So, if you would like to get your hands on a copy of Sam the Sleepy Sheep, you can check out your copy on amazon:


Sam the Sleepy Sheep book - The cover of our awesome bedtime sleep book for children (and adults)




Instructions for readers

If you are unfamiliar with hypnotic language, you will still be able to read this book to your children. At the start of the book there is a really useful section which explains how to read the story. When you become accustomed to the basics, there are even some extra tips. It doesn’t stop there. In the story itself, key words are presented in bold text, making it easy to know when to emphasise them.

Stunning hypnotic artwork

We took extra care to get the most wonderful full colour artwork to accompany the story. This enables you to read along as your child looks at the pictures, further adding to the richness of the tale.

Hypnotic story-telling

To find out how you can become a hypnotic story-teller,  creating your own metaphors and tales, whether for children or adults, individuals or groups, then take a look at our Hypnotherapy Diploma course, which gives you world-class training to become a professional hypnotherapist.


Bedtime story telling and learning how to tell stories and tales



– written by the HypnoTC team

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