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HypnoDemo Training

Developing Your 'Show Me Something' Skills

Do you ever get asked to ‘show me something’ and not have the skills or confidence to rapidly and effectively demonstrate suggestibility tests, hypnotic phenomena or interesting ‘power of the mind’ experiences? Or, would you like to deliver awesome presentations and memorable hypnotic demonstrations? If so, then HypnoDemo® is the ideal workshop for you.

What is HypnoDemo?

HypnoDemo® is a highly effective system that you can use to create effective, engaging hypnosis presentations and demonstrations. Whether you are planning a presentation for a local interest group, running your own business promotion stand at a local fair, or even speaking at an international conference, HypnoDemo will show you how to become an expert presenter as opposed to just another hypnotherapist, “having a go” at presenting.

In any hypnosis or hypnotherapy presentation, not only do you need excellent (and relevant) presentation skills, being able to excel at demonstrating hypnosis is also highly important. So many knowledgeable hypnotists and hypnotherapists muddle through their presentations ineffectively, because often, despite having gained a brilliant understanding of hypnotherapy, they were never taught how to successfully give a public or group demonstration. Yet, your business may be losing out! Giving an effective presentation, with a strong delivery and great hypnosis demonstration or group experience, not only showcases your knowledge and skills, but it can also build and enhance your reputation as a hypnotherapist and public speaker!

HypnoDemo Training

Our HypnoDemo® training now has three components that work together to enable you to excel at giving outstanding presentations and superb demonstrations.

We recommend that you start with the two-day, in-person HypnoDemo ‘Show Me Something’ workshop, which is highly practical.

When you are comfortable and confident in using all the skills you learn there, we suggest you read Dr Kate’s book, Powerful Hypnosis Presentations, and/ or study the HypnoDemo online course to build on your knowledge, skills and experience and further develop to the next level.

Finally, you can then join us for our Advanced HypnoDemo course, working with more complex and bigger groups and even more spectacular demos.

The HypnoDemo 'Show Me Something' Workshop

This highly practical and interactive in-person workshop is held in London. You will learn, practice and develop confidence in demonstrating a range of awesome tests, inductions, deepeners and phenomena demonstrations to really get and keep your audience’s attention.

Day One

The focus is on impromptu talks and demonstrations, such as demonstrating your skills at a social event, or talking about your business and giving a quick, yet audience-friendly demo at an event or trade fair.

Day Two

The focus is on planned talks and demos, such as talks to local interest groups, where you wish to portray yourself as the local expert and promote your business.

You will learn essential information and ‘tricks of the trade’ so that you can develop your confidence in delivering effective demonstrations and presentations.

Demonstration skills, including:

  • Why demonstrate
  • Safety, education and preparing your audience
  • Working with groups
  • Selecting volunteers
  • Working with volunteers
  • A range of awesome hypnosis inductions and techniques

Presentation skills, including:

  • How to get presentation/ demo opportunities
  • How to structure a presentation
  • How to prepare and rehearse effectively
  • How to incorporate persuasion and influence
  • How to make it memorable and optimise the opportunity (upselling)

A CPD certificate (12 hours) will be provided at the end of the course.

The Book & The Online Course

The book and online course cover all of the essential demonstration and presentation theory and will help you to take those skills to the next level when coupled with the Advanced HypnoDemo training.

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks’ book, Powerful Hypnosis Presentations is based on the ‘HypnoDemo’ model, and thoroughly explores how to demonstrate hypnosis and present hypnotically.

To further support the ‘in-person’ HypnoDemo course, our intensive online course, features real-life hypnosis demonstrations from the in-person course.

Whether you choose the book, the online course or both as your pre-study options, they will teach you:

Advanced HypnoDemo Course

After your pre-study, the Advanced HypnoDemo course will then give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and both develop and practice your presentation and demonstration skills over two highly-interactive and practical days at our glorious, 5-star training venue.

Day One Overview

On day one of the course, we take your knowledge and skills to a new level as you explore how to become established as the local hypnotherapy expert in your area. You will learn to elevate your talks to local groups and at public events. You will be engaging in practical activities to achieve a deep practical understanding of how to do this. In addition, to focus on expanding your presentation skills, you will be learning and using a number of techniques to demonstrate your skills to the public, both to static and moving audiences. At the end of the day, there is a ‘take home’ task, requiring some preparation to get the most out of the second day of the course.

Day Two Overview

On day two, we start with fine-tuning your presentations and demonstrations. You will get feedback on where you are doing well and any areas for improvement. After this you will gain some advanced practical tools for presenting and demonstrating hypnosis in ‘impromptu settings’. The day is concluded with even more practice and feedback from yourself and the other participants.

A CPD certificate (12 hours) will be provided at the end of the course.

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So, instead of working in the dark, and guessing how to do a hypnosis presentation/ demonstration, learn how to focus a spotlight on yourself, so you will be remembered, be respected, and, perhaps most importantly, be re-booked!

HypnoDemo Training

9 & 10 November 2024 | 9:30am - 5pm

Location: London (Embankment)

* HypnoTC Diploma students and graduates


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Can't Wait?

If you’d like to learn more about how to perform hypnosis demonstrations and deliver great hypnotic presentations right now, as mentioned above, we have a couple of options for you to be getting on with whilst you wait for the in-person Advanced HypnoDemo course

The Book

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks’ book, Powerful Hypnosis Presentations is based on the ‘HypnoDemo’ model, and gives you a thorough grounding in how to demonstrate hypnosis and present hypnotically. Check it out on Amazon here:

The Online Course

The ‘in-person’ HypnoDemo course has been turned into a fantastic, intensive online course, featuring real-life hypnosis demonstrations from the in-person course. Check it out on here: