HypnoDemo is a system used to create effective, engaging hypnosis presentations, using highly interactive group workshops (or individual coaching) to develop knowledge and skills. Whether you are planning a presentation for a local interest group, running your own stand at a local fair, or even speaking at an International conference, the HypnoDemo system will show you how to become an expert presenter, as opposed to just another hypnotherapist, “having a go” at presenting.

So many brilliant hypnotists muddle through their presentations ineffectively, because often, despite having gained a brilliant understanding of hypnotherapy, they were never taught how to successfully give a public or group demonstration. Giving an effective presentation, with a strong delivery not only demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about, but it can also build and enhance your reputation as a hypnotherapist and public speaker!

So, instead of working in the dark, and guessing how to do a presentation, learn how to focus a spotlight on yourself, so you will be remembered, be respected, and, perhaps most importantly, be re-booked!

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Undertaking the HypnoDemo study day enabled me to regularly run group hypnosis sessions. It increased my confidence and taught me lots of techniques, tips and tools to prepare for hypnotising more than one person at at a time. I’ve done lots of group sessions now and I get great feedback. Undertaking the group work has given me the confidence to begin using YouTube to promote (or support!) my hypnotherapy practice. Thanks HypnoTC!

Lisa French
NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

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Sunday 22nd April 2018*
London (Embankment) 9.30am - 4.30pm


*This event is being filmed for an upcoming HypnoDemo video product. By booking a place, you consent to being filmed for said product, which may be distributed in various channels, worldwide... but also, because you are attending the filming, you will receive a free copy of this video, as soon as it is released. What a great deal!

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Note: This workshop has 6 CPD hours and for NGH members 6 CEU credits