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Gavin Blackman

Alumni of 2021

Gavin Blackman Hypnotherapy, Hampshire, UK
07955 708647


Gavin Blackman


After qualifying in October 2021, I reduced my days in my “day job” to four days per week so I had some time to develop my hypnotherapy business, both for private clients and for employers and employees.

Fast forward to 2023 and my hypnotherapy business was doing well, to the point where I was able to resign from my day job, enabling me to work full-time in my hypnotherapy business from the start of 2024.

I’ve always had a people-focused role in my career; which I really enjoyed. I was considering making a change from being a Chartered Tax Adviser to helping people in some way but couldn’t work out what that might be. I happened to see a stage show by a hypnotherapist who did some post hypnotic suggestions that intrigued me and I just thought: “How does that work?” And the rest, as they say, is history.

The training was very practical, supported by academia, so it gave me a great platform to start my own business and also the confidence to do so. The training also cemented the fact that hypnotherapy was for me and that was my way to help people. My main development was how to deal with clients on a 1:1 level in a therapy environment.

I seem to deal a lot with people who suffer from stress, anxiety and low self-esteem, and to that end I volunteer as a hypnotherapist at the Macmillan Cancer Centre at Southampton Hospital. I support patients and their friends and families where these issues are quite prevalent. Using my corporate professional services background, I have also developed a service for employers and their employees.

Gavin is patient, honest, kind and practical.

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