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Frances B Lafferty

Alumni of 2022

Lafferty Hypnotherapy, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire, UK
07704 654924


Frances B Lafferty

D.Hyp, CH

A life long advocate of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Frances has used hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing techniques within her own life challenges.

This has enabled her to combine her own experiences and beliefs in the techniques that she uses with her clients.

Adopting a bespoke approach to each and every client, she has developed a range of sessions which will support clients in both achieving their personal aims and objectives, as well as improving mental wellbeing and positivity. She also follows the core concepts of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard for the client.

I learned hypnotherapy because I did hypnobirthing with my son and I had amazing results with my birth. I believe that every woman should have a positive birth.

I started my my hypnotherapy training by attending hypnobirthing training and then hypnotherapy training. I like to plan sessions to fit my clients’ needs, and as result this helps my clients develop and move forward.

I am interested in hypnobirthing and also how hypnosis can support the menopause.

You do have a very warm, friendly and confident style and you are a very good listener and reflector.

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