Ego State (Parts) Therapy

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What is Ego State Therapy?

Ego state therapy, often known as ‘parts therapy’, is a brief, strategic, psychodynamic approach that can be applied to a range of behavioural and cognitive issues; aiming to resolve conflicts within the individual.

Within ego state therapy, there is a concept that there are segments, parts, roles or facets (ego states) within an individual’s personality which develop as an adaptation to life circumstances. These ‘parts’ can be thought of as organised and cohesive systems of behaviour and experience with a common principle and with identification of each state that is brought forward. Sometimes these ego states, whilst helpful for a while, are no longer beneficial in their present condition.

What is it used for?

Ego state therapy offers the hypnotherapist the opportunity to engage hypnotherapy together with a range of behavioural, cognitive, analytic and humanistic approaches, to enhance communication between ego states, with the aim to achieve normal, healthy ego states, that are openly recognised, not in conflict, nor maladaptive.

It can be used for various different conditions, including (but not limited to): smoking; weight management; disordered eating; addictions; stress; anxiety; sexual dysfunction; phobias; pain management; sports performance; study and exams; bruxism; headaches; and much more…

What we will cover

This one-day CPD event is an engaging and interactive workshop for those with a qualification and some experience in hypnosis / hypnotherapy.  Topics include:

  • Background and overview of ego state therapy
  • Indications, contra-indications and applications
  • Evaluating the needs and appropriateness of ego state therapy
  • Accessing ego states, identifying ego states and types of ego state
  • Using the SARI approach
  • Emotions, Symptoms and ego states
  • Ego state therapy and abreactions
  • Gaining resolution within ego state therapy
  • Hypnosis and ego state therapy
  • The boardroom and the living room techniques
  • Other models (including EMDR) and their relationship with ego state therapy
  • Case studies

A detailed workshop manual will be provided, together with a CPD certificate, indicating 6 hours of CPD (and 6 CEU for NGH members).

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(1 day)
9.30am - 5pm
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Important: This course is designed for qualified hypnotherapy practitioners only - so if you do not have a valid hypnotherapy qualification/relevant experience, please do not book a place on this ego-state therapy CPD masterclass - if in doubt, send us a message before you book.

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Note: This workshop has 6.5 CPD hours and for NGH members 6.5 CEU credits