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Dr Kate’s Update: September 2022

Dr Kate's Update

This is the first of my ‘Dr Kate’s Update’ posts, so it goes all the way back to last year. Future updates will be posted more frequently…


International Events

HypnoThoughts Live, Las Vegas

In July, I was delighted to attend (yes, in person!) the awesome HypnoThoughts Live conference in Las Vegas.

It was an honour to be asked to deliver a four-hour workshop teaching a Hypno-EMDR technique, a 1-hour talk on therapist self-care and a two-day postcon on Hypno-EMDR skills. All sessions were very well attended and, as they had been designed to be highly practical, it was great to see attendees really engage with the work. It isn’t too early to book your tickets for next year’s Hypnothoughts and take full advantage of their early bird offers. You too will be able to see the spectacular lights in the conference rooms (see pic below).


Dr Kate teaching Hypno-EMDR; a combination of hypnotherapy and EMDR. The picture shows one of the convention rooms at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas at the Hypnothoughts conference, with a finger intruding into the picture to highlight the ornate ceiling lights.



Dr Kate teaching Hypno-EMDR; a combination of hypnotherapy and EMDR. The picture shows one of the convention rooms at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas at the Hypnothoughts conference with a very swirly patterned carpet.


This is a magnificent conference, with an awesome community of diverse interests coming together; friendly, welcoming and happy to share what they know. As you can see in the pics, the conference rooms are certainly not bland and neither is the lunch that the conference provides each day. It is amazing how quickly four buffet lines can enable 1,000 people to sit down and eat together.


A picture showing the vastness of the ballroom where lunch is served every day, the closest table showing people eating. The ornate decor of the room is shown.


H-EMDR – Iceland

Hypno-EMDR certainly is popular. I am just home from teaching H-EMDR in depth, over five days, to a lovely group of hypnotherapy students and graduates in Iceland.

It is a tricky language to learn, so although I know a few words of Icelandic, it was helpful that English is widely understood. I am most appreciative of the efforts of the students to focus so thoroughly; learning a technique in another language takes effort!

When I wasn’t teaching, I was able to explore more of Iceland (this is my second time). It truly is a spectacular country and I was fortunate to have two nights where the Northern Lights were visible.

Whilst the food is definitely on the higher price scale, everything I had was of awesome quality and beautifully presented. It was fascinating as well to explore some of the local beliefs and folklore (and meet a few trolls).


Dr Kate was teaching hypnotherapy and EMDR in Iceland and wondered if a troll could be hypnotised. The picture is Dr Kate reaching out to a rather large troll.



National Events

World Extreme Medicine Conference 2021

The World Extreme Medicine logo with red, white and blue in a circle saying World Extreme Medicine Pushing Boundaries.In November 2021, I was delighted to be invited to speak at WEM21 in Edinburgh, giving medics and emergency responders training on how they can use self-hypnosis in extreme situations.

I am delighted to announced that my self-hypnosis training has now also been made available, via WEM, to those working on the front line in active conflicts, including the Ukraine.

I specially designed this training so that those using it can enter and work in self-hypnosis wherever they are, even on a noisy transporter!


National Council for Hypnotherapy Conference

The National Council for Hypnotherapy Logo which is purple and blue initials and the wording in full in the rectangle underneath.We all know that self-care is important, but do we make time for it?

The National Council for Hypnotherapy certainly recognises its importance, giving me the opportunity to talk at their annual conference, which made use of Airmeet, a superb online platform.



Safety & Health Expo 2022

The Safety and Health Expo logo with green and black letters.It was delightful to be invited to speak at the Safety & Health Expo at London ExCeL in May.

In a way, it was a landmark event.

Although I have presented at many safety and health events over the years – my previous career was as a Chartered safety and health practitioner and risk manager – this was the first time my conference talk actually had ‘hypnotherapy’ in the title: Hypnotherapy & Workplace Wellbeing.

My presentation explored how hypnotherapy approaches can help boost workplace wellbeing. It started by exploring the facts and fiction of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and moved on to consider some of the powerful psychological and physiological benefits of hypnosis, supported by key research.


Federation of Holistic Therapists Virtual Conference 2022

The Federation of Holistic Therapists logo with their initials and a person in a world balanced on open hands.The Federation of Holistic Therapists conference was online this year.

This gave them the opportunity to go all out and offer a whole week of seminars, some pre-recorded and some live.

I was delighted to present a session entitled ‘Self-Care Approaches using BLS’.

This session offered a range of self-care and development tools which are enhanced by the use of bilateral stimulation (BLS). As well as providing a valuable resource for general self-care applications by therapists, these approaches can be taught to clients to support the in-session work and for use outside of the therapy session.


Forthcoming Events

UK Hypnosis Convention 2022

The UK Hypnosis Convention Logo which is written in gold text on a dark green background.I am excited to be speaking at the UK Hypnosis Convention at the Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel in November. I will be presenting a two-hour interactive session on Hypno-EMDR.

It is on Friday, the first day of the convention, at 8:30am. Yes, I know, it is early. But… I can assure you it will be worth it.

The organisers have allocated me to the Kew Theatre. If you have never visited the conference before, the 1970 retro style room alone is worth the visit.

When you join this highly practical, interactive workshop, you will get three set of tools.

  1. You will learn a rapid method for developing resources using Hypno-EMDR, which can be used with clients in-person and online
  2. You will learn how you can apply the 9-phase Hypno-EMDR method within your hypnotherapy practice for a diverse range of applications, illustrated by brief case histories
  3. You will also find out how to use H-EMDR for therapist self-care and use to avoid and address vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue

So, please do join me for this lively, informative and truly useful ‘EMDR Tools for Hypnotherapists’ session on Friday 11 November, starting at 8:30am. I look forward to meeting you there.



Two copies of Persuasive Therapy: 101 Ways to Influence Your Therapy Clients book by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks is on show. This is a black cover with a pink image and white text.


In September 2021, I released my new book, entitled Persuasive Therapy: 101 Ways to Influence Your Therapy Clients.

This book offers a range of effective strategies that you can employ to significantly enhance your talking therapy approaches. It provides you with the practical tools to rapidly and effectively guide, persuade and influence your clients, helping to optimise whichever therapy approaches you are using.

Each strategy is clearly explained, together with illustrative case studies and development tasks which have been designed to enable you to rapidly grow skills and achieve mastery more quickly.

The many positive comments I have received about this book were a wonderful incentive to get started on my next book. I am excited to say that it is a self-contained model for hypnotherapy! The first draft is written, and it is now in the editing stage. I will keep you updated on when it will be released.


Online Courses

Three pictures showing the hypnosis-courses com images for firstly Ego Strengthening 101 course, with a brain holding a barbell. Secondly, the Monetise Your Therapy Practice course, showing a plant growing out of a pile of coins. Thirdly is the Hypno-Dough course, with a hypnotic spiral and some playdoh and modelling clay.

My company,, has been busy launching some great new online courses, including one on ego strengthening, one on how to earn more money as a therapist and also the amazingly-popular Hypno-Dough.

The Hypno-Dough technique is great for creating powerful subconscious change and clients really enjoy being able to take home a representation of that change!

There are also four exciting new courses which have been filmed and are now at the manual writing stage. If you haven’t yet signed up to the mailing list, now is the time to do so. This ensures that you are one of the first to know about new releases and also any special ‘mailing-list only launch offers’.


HypnoTC Diploma Update

The Diploma Course

The September 2022 HypnoTC Diploma Course cohort have just had their first teaching weekend. It was fabulous to meet our delightful new students from all around the world. Everyone has a wonderfully positive attitude and great engagement.

As Rory has now moved on to other projects for 2022-2023, I am excited to now be the sole lead for teaching the Diploma course. I am supported by the HypnoTC team – an amazing group of individuals, each an expert in their own specialist field.

The course continues to be delivered at our amazing venue, the Royal Horseguards Hotel in Westminster, London. Even better, we will soon have access to some of their other awesome event rooms. Our students will be learning in some of the most spectacular rooms in London! And you can also see the Meston Suite in this YouTube video of me talking about hypnotic inductions.

Here is a photo of a recent training session in the River Room.


Dr Kate speaking to a group about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the glorious River Room at the Royal Horseguards Hotel. The room has ornate ceiling lights, cream wall with oil paintings and wood panelling. The carpet is a vibrant blue pattern. Dr Kate is standing, and delegates are seated in chairs in a horseshoe formation.


Hypnotherapy Taster Days

We have opened enrolment for the March 2023 HypnoTC Diploma Course and already have students booked on.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Diploma course, then coming to one of our free Hypnotherapy Taster Days is a great idea.

The next one is on Saturday 10 December at Royal Horseguards Hotel. It is really easy to book a place – simply click here.

If you would like to get regular updates about taster days, do ensure that you are signed up to our mailing list.


CPD & Development Training

Recent practitioner development events and Hypno-EMDR training, live online and in-person, have been popular and well attended. In response to the changes in how we now work as hypnotherapists, I have updated our current CPD and development training courses to reflect working with clients both in-person and online.

The next courses will be:


Hypno-EMDR Practical Skills

Hypno-EMDR showing a face and two fingersThe next Hypno-EMDR Practical Skills Workshop will be on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October.

Please note, if you have attended any previous EMDR training with me, you can benefit from a half-price place. Simply email me for a link.

I have completely redesigned and expanded the EMDR training provision into ‘Hypno-EMDR’.

Going forwards, it will be in three parts:

Part 1: Hypno-EMDR Practical Skills Workshop: Live online, two days, with a focus on practical application of EMDR techniques and approaches for online and in-person applications

Part 2: Hypno-EMDR Practitioner Online Course: An online training course with supporting theory and demonstrations of the material covered on the practical skills workshop (launching late 2022)

Part 3: Hypno-EMDR Master Practitioner Course: An in-person, three-day training course covering advanced techniques, protocols and concepts



The HypnoDemo Workshop has been redesigned to help you develop your ‘Show Me Something’ skills.

The next workshop, which will be held in-person at the glorious Royal Horseguards Hotel, will be on 11 December.

Perfect timing to see the Christmas lights in London.



Practitioner Development Day

HypnoTC Practitioner Development Day showing a picture of four people with hot drinks and looking happy.There will be a one-day Practitioner Development Day.

This popular course will be delivered live online on 14 December.

As with most CPD and development sessions, this will be highly interactive and participative with lots of practical work suitable for online and in-person therapy.



Rapid Therapy Approaches

The Rapid Therapy Approaches Workshop, held online, on 25 January.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn and practice a range of rapid inductions, deepeners and techniques.

These approaches are specifically designed to be used online with clients.



Pain Management

HypnoTC CPD Pain management; a picture of a man gripping his wristDue to numerous requests, our popular Pain Management Workshop has now been updated.

This highly detailed course has been adapted to offer approaches which are particularly suited to working live online with clients.

As a result of this, you will be able to learn and practice these advance techniques live on Zoom.

The next workshop is 22 February 2023.



HypnoTC Self hypnosis CPD showing a man with his eyes closedThere will be a one-day Self-Hypnosis Workshop.

This workshop will be held live online on 26 March 2023.

It has been adapted to include how to teach (and be taught) self-hypnosis live online.




Whether you are brand new to hypnotherapy or have been working as a hypnotherapist for a while, even a few decades, hypnotherapy supervision helps keep you on track and is a superb form of professional development.


Individual and research supervision

Therapy (individual) supervision and mentoring sessions, and also research supervision sessions are now available online and can be booked in multiples of 15 minutes.

This means that you only need to book the time you require.

In-person supervision is also available for bookings of one hour or more.



Group supervision

The group supervision continues to be very popular and places are capped to 10 people each month. To secure your place, remember to book early.

Sessions are conducted online via Zoom and are held mid-week (days vary) from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Each session is different, depending on what hypnotherapists bring to the session.

The group supervision session generally starts with introductions and the agenda, followed by a warm-up case to get everyone thinking and discussing how the client issue or ethical quandary could be dealt with. Then each hypnotherapist has an opportunity to present a case (anonymised) that they will, are or have worked with and the group will discuss it. Therapists can also bring marketing and business challenges to the group. Towards the end, there is an update on CPD and development and any news in the hypnotherapy world is discussed. Finally, at the end of the session a supervision attendance certificate is issued.

Forthcoming dates for the remainder of 2022 are 26 October, 23 November and 21 December.


HypnoTC Group Supervision showing a group of ladies talking



Working With The NHS

A picture of the front window where Dr Kate visited the Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospital; clinical hypnotherapyIn recent years, I have spent some time working on the wards of a teaching hospital, providing clinical hypnosis to patients. More recently – since lockdown – I have been busy working for quite a while with NHS staff, helping them with self-care, relaxation and mindfulness approaches.

Additionally, I am now back to consulting (on site) on complex cases, working with staff using hypno with patients.

I am also back to training NHS teams in the use of hypno and EMDR.

It is wonderful to hear the reports (anonymised, of course) of how they have used these techniques for positive outcomes.




And finally…

That’s me all caught up for now. To get the most up to date news, keep an eye on the HypnoTC Facebook Group.

Also, if you would like to receive our updates and newsletters by email, as well as some amazing offers and free techniques and tips, then please sign up to our mailing list.

Feel free to get in contact with any questions or if you would like more information about anything mentioned here. I am always happy to help.


– written by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks
(HypnoTC Director)

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks HypnoTC the Hypnotherapy Training Company

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