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Dr Kate on Jason Linett’s ‘Worksmart Hypnosis’ podcast

Dr Kate on Jason Linett’s ‘Worksmart Hypnosis’ podcast

No, you’re not seeing double… As well as interviewing Rory, Jason Linett of Worksmart Hypnosis also recorded an awesome podcast with Dr Kate, back in September 2016. We thought we’d share it with you here, just in case you missed it! Here’s what it’s about:

Jason and Kate talk about learning what is it like working with hypnotherapy clients in hospital, considering some of the more challenging things she has encountered. Kate explains how the experience of working in a truly ‘clinical hypnosis environment’ has benefited her current hypnotherapy business in central London.

Kate goes on to talk about her early career as a hypnotherapist and about how much research she did on hypnosis while studying for her doctorate (a lot) and why it took her 6 years to complete her research. They then discuss the improvements she believes needs to happen throughout the hypnotherapy educational industry (in the UK), talking about a basic standard of training, a foundation of knowledge about hypnotherapy, that students should be taught before personal styles and techniques are introduced and why she believes this foundation is so important.

Jason and Kate then talk about why some people decide to take hypnotherapy classes or courses even if they don’t intend to become professional hypnotherapists, and how these skills might help them throughout other industries and professions. She talks about her college research and why she believes getting feedback is so important for your personal (and business) growth. And much more…

To listen to this podcast, simply use either of the buttons below (depending on whether you’d like to listen on the Worksmart Hypnosis website now, or download the podcast as an MP3 to listen later / on a device):

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…and if you have any questions about anything covered in the podcast, do by all means contact Kate.


– written by the HypnoTC team

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