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Dr Kate in Action


On these pages, separated year-by-year, you will find information about upcoming events, together with an archive of past events.

A Quick Intro from Dr Kate

Upcoming Events

XXII World Congress of Medical & Clinical Hypnosis, Krakow

JUNE 2024

I’m really excited to be presenting a workshop on Rapid Hypnosis at the XXII World Congress of Medical & Clinical Hypnosis in Krakow, Poland.

This conference is a four-day event, starting on Wednesday 12 June 2024.

The Meetings Show

JUNE 2024

I’m looking forward to speaking at The Meetings Show on Thursday 20 June 2024.

You can find me on the Inspire/ Innovate stage. My talk, which starts at 3pm, is called ‘Communicate More Effectively with Everyone!’

This conference is a two-day event, starting on Wednesday 19 June.

Click here to register for a free ticket.

Clinical Hypnosis Australia

JUNE 2024

I’m delighted to have been invited to speak to hypnotherapists in Australia, all about how to write and publish a book on Amazon.

As a published author, with five books now (feel free to check them out), I am looking forward to sharing my top tips on what to do and how to avoid some common and unexpected pitfalls.

The session will take place at 5pm aest on Thursday 27 June 2024 (8am UK time).

HypnoThoughts Live 2024

JULY 2024

I’ll be back in Las Vegas (again!), as the HypnoThoughts Live team has invited me to do quite a lot this year.

I’ll be presenting a one-day pre-convention workshop, called ‘Become A Spirited-Me Confidence Hypno-Coach‘, on Thursday 18 July.

On Friday 19 July, I’m also presenting a two-hour talk on ‘Successful Rapid Hypnosis in Therapy’.

As if that wasn’t enough, I was thrilled to be asked to again deliver Hypno Games as part of the evening entertainment.

The conference is a three-day event, starting on Friday 19 July.

Click here for the full schedule.

National Guild of Hypnotists’ Convention


I will be speaking at the NGH Convention in Marlborough near Boston in August 2024. The main convention is a three-day event, starting on Friday 9 August, with both pre and post-convention workshops.

I will be giving a two-hour talk at 2pm on Friday 9 August about ‘Mastering Hypnosis Demonstrations and Presentations To Promote Your Business’.

In addition, I will also be delivering a one-day, post-convention workshop on Monday 12 August. The theme will be: ‘Expert Hypnosis Presentations and Demonstrations: Create Memorable Presentations and Awesome Demonstrations To Raise Your Profile and Boost Your Business’.

UK Hypnosis Convention


I will be speaking at the UK Hypnosis Convention on Saturday 16 November.

My one-hour presentation will be on the topic of ‘Magical Metaphors: Creating Your Own Metaphors For Change’

The conference is a three-day event, starting on Friday 15 November.

To get 10% off the standard ticket price, please use code HYPNOTC.

Click here to buy your ticket.

Past Events

FHT Training Conference 2024

MAY 2024

It will be great to speak again for the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) as part of their 2024 Training Conference.

I will be presenting a live webinar on ‘Communication Skills for Therapists’ on Friday 17 May at 2pm.

This conference will run for a mammoth three weeks from 13 to 31 May, and offers a programme of pre-recorded seminars, interactive live webinars, CPD opportunities and additional downloads and resources.

Click here for more information and to buy your ticket.

Guy's Hospital, London

14 May 2024

My work teaching hypnosis to staff at Guy’s Hospital on 14 May inspired my blog entitled, ‘Medical Hypnosis: Engaged Presentness, Managing Expectations and Utilising Sensory Distractions’.

I have been teaching the staff how to use conversational and formal hypnosis to help patients who are undergoing surgical/ medical procedures as outpatients.

Click here to read the blog.

Medical hypnosis blog - expectations, presentness, and utilising distractions

Irish Hypnotherapy Conference

20 APRIL 2024

I spoke at the Irish Hypnotherapy Conference in Dublin in April 2024.

I was delighted to present Hypno Games on the Friday night, before the conference, and thank everybody who participated in making it a fun and informative experience.

The conference was a two-day event, starting on Saturday 20 April.

You can read all about it in our Irish Hypnotherapy Conference 2024 review blog.

CNHC PSB Board Meeting

17 APRIL 2024

As a member of the Profession Specific Board (PSB) for Hypnotherapy, I was invited by the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) to present a talk about what hypnotherapy is, and its applications, to all the Complementary PSBs.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, my talk included a hypnotic experience, which was well received.

The Royal Society of Medicine

15 April 2024

I attended an event, organised by the Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine Section of The Royal Society of Medicine called Clinical Hypnosis: Past, Present and Future – an Adjuvant tool that Medicine almost forgot.

Dr Rhodri Hayward talked about the history of hypnosis and general practice. Hypnosis was used extensively in WWI and, it is reported, that it was particularly helpful in the treatment of shell-shock. Even Sigmund Freud recognised the use of hypnosis, saying that it was a cheap and easy form of everyday treatment. As far back as the 1950s, GPs were discussing the use of hypno in everyday medicine, with research at that time finding about 75% of patients to be responsive to hypnosis. It was interesting to listen to the comments during a subsequent panel discussion. It seems that commonly, in the 1800s, hypnosis sessions could be as short as 5-10 minutes. The focus moved onto the use of hypnosis in anaesthetics, anxiety and pain management, with talks from Dr Paul Slater and Louise Foulsham-McFall.

Irish Hypnotherapy Conference: Presenters Mentoring Sessions

7 APRIL 2024

In the run-up to the 2024 Irish Hypnotherapy Conference, I delivered two mentoring sessions, focused on presentation skills. I went through some of the skills and strategies from my book, Powerful Hypnosis Presentations. It was wonderful to then see those presenters do so well in their talks at the conference.

Guy's Hospital, London

2 April 2024

What a day! I was honoured to spend the day observing the team I have been teaching clinical hypnosis and hypnotic communication. They did a superb job using it to enhance the entire patient experience from the first moment of greeting, through to optimising patient comfort during procedures.

British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

22 March 2024

I was delighted to be invited by the BSCH to deliver a talk on ‘How to Write and Publish Your Book on Amazon”.

I have authored several books, including my most recent, Hypnosis: How To Hypnotize.

It is often said that everyone has a book in them. The challenge for some BSCH members can be putting what they know onto paper (or computer) in a structured format and then getting their content published. New trends in digital publishing, particularly those developed by Amazon, make for a much easier path into getting published and earning money from their book.

This talk was designed to help BSCH members overcome writing and publishing challenges, and more easily  generate an income stream, with the added benefits of raising their profile and marketing their therapy practice!

Guy's Hospital, London

21 March 2024

Another morning teaching hypnotherapy to staff at Guy’s Hospital. This time, it was to a fabulous team, which included student nurses and student doctors. It is great that they are learning hypnotic communication early in their careers. I was really impressed with how the entire group dived into the practical activities.

HypnoThoughts Live: Presenter Workshop

5 March 2024

Together with the amazing Stephanie Skiba, I presented a session for presenters who will be at HypnoThoughts Live 2024 in July. The session was ideal for new presenters and those wondering what to expect at HTL24. A whole bunch of useful tips were offered, helping presenters to take their sessions to another level. As well as ‘how to get your message across in the time allocated’, participants could ask me anything about presenting, and ask Stephanie anything about HTL operations and the conference venue.

The Royal National ENT & Eastman Dental Hospital

5 March 2024

Today I worked with a fabulous team exploring how hypnotherapy can help them with their patients.

In the afternoon, we focused on how practitioners can use hypnotherapy for self-care.

Guy's Hospital, London

22 February 2024

Today, I spent the whole day working with ENT clinical staff giving them hypnosis experiences and helping them enhance their wellbeing. This helped the team gain a personal understanding about what hypnosis feels like, how it works and what it may offer their patients.

University College Hospital, London

21 February 2024

Today I worked with the Speech and Language Team at UCLH.

The team now have a good understanding of how they can employ specific skills within the specialist use of hypnotherapy to help those who have speech challenges.

Guy's Hospital, London

8 February 2024

More teaching in the NHS… Today was all about using conversational and formal hypnosis to enhance the patient experience.

I enjoyed working with the team. They really engaged and soaked up every bit of information with such a positive mindset.

New York NGH Chapter

6 February 2024

I had a lovely time last night (albeit at midnight UK) speaking on Zoom to Kelly Tallaksen’s group of hypnotists, in New York, about how to teach self-soothing techniques to clients and about therapist self-care.

Here’s a summary of the therapist self-care tips I discussed. How many of these do you do regularly?

Royal Society of Medicine: Sleep Medicine Conference

6 February 2024

I was at the Royal Society of Medicine for a Sleep Medicine Conference today. I was really busy taking photos of each presentation and creating summaries of each talk.

The first speaker was Dr Hugh Selsick, a consultant psychiatrist, talking about sleep physiology across the lifespan. Dr Dipesh Mistry was next, talking about insomnia, and then Dr Kirstie Anderson talked about central hypersomnalence. Lucinda Richards followed, talking about parasomnias. Who would have known that the Travelodge chain have a policy for dealing with sleep walkers? Finally, there was Dr Syrian Lyer, talking about respiratory sleep disorders.

It is helpful for hypnotherapists to have a good depth of understanding of the impact of sleep, or disordered sleep, on their clients.

UCLH Menopause Awareness Training

6 February 2024

As a hypnotherapist, trainer and business owner, I like to keep up to date with my own professional development (CPD) and attend regular training, whether relating to the strategic or operational sides of my work.

The training was focused on the impact menopause has in the workplace. This is particularly relevant for some of the training I provide to the NHS, with 76.5% of the NHS workforce being women (1 million of them), and 1 in 5 are aged 45-54.

This course related to all stages of menopause, including perimenopause. It talked of creating awareness of the menopause and the symptoms that women may experience, both in and out of the workplace. It also explored workplace factors that may negatively impact on staff and the practices and environments within the workplace that may put the health and safety of menopausal women at risk. Discrimination was also discussed.

In addition, the course considered good practice for workplaces and ideas for how to address workplace issues.

Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize – 10 Steps to Success

21 January 2024

It was wonderful to publish my latest book!

The book starts with some essential information to help you get the most from this book. You will then be fast-tracked to using hypnosis in the very first chapter. In subsequent chapters, you will go on a learning journey, gaining practical understanding, and a great range of beneficial tools that you can use straight away.

You will discover how to get participant engagement and then transition into creating and intensifying hypnosis, with a range of powerful hypnotic inductions and deepeners. Delivering a hypnotic gift to your participant is a key component of a basic hypnosis session, and this is explored in the following chapter, before you learn how to conclude the session with an effective re-alerting process.

With a good grasp of the basics, subsequent chapters provide a range of additional tools. Firstly, ego strengthening, giving you the ability to help people feel good within themselves. Then, a chapter on positive change-work, with a range of rapid direct, indirect and metaphorical approaches. If you are interested in using hypnosis for the fun stuff, the next chapter delivers you the tools to give people amusing and entertaining experiences.

Finally, you will get some useful tips on how to get practice and the next steps in whichever direction you would like to take your hypnosis development.

Elman Conference

19 January 2024

Within a busy week for teaching and presentations, I presented online at the Elman Hypnosis Convention. The great thing is that the 9am EST time is a very pleasant 2pm in the UK!

I talked about ‘HypnoDough: Tactile Approaches for Insight and Change’.

You might wonder how I taught something tactile online, and these approaches were strategically designed to be used online, so making it easy to teach during the conference.

James Braid Society

18 January 2024

“Promoting the Expert Hypnotist: Practice, efficient advice on boosting and improving your hypnotherapy business”

The James Braid Society is returning to holding in-person meetings in London and I was delighted to be their first guest speaker.

This session explored the use of talks, presentations and demonstrations to promote your business to a range of audiences, impromptu and planned, moving and static, in-person and online.

Rather than just talking, I got everyone engaged in some practical activities, to both learn something useful and have some fun whilst doing so!

I was delighted to read a positive review of the session on their website and the very flattering comment, “Recognised as one of hypnotherapy’s most qualified practitioners, she has built up a well-deserved reputation as a communication expert and one who has an innate ability to convey ideas to her audience”.

Photo courtesy of the James Braid Society.

Royal Society of Medicine

18 January 2024

An interesting afternoon attending the Hair, Nails & Sweat Symposium at the Royal Society of Medicine.

Although these talks are not directly related to hypnotherapy, there is a lot we can make use of.

The first presentation was by Dr David de Berker, on the ‘Principles and Practice in Nail Disease’. He talked about how the nail matrix can switch off for a number of reasons, and this stops the nail growing. Hypnotherapy can certainly help here with boosting motivation for self-care, alongside conventional medicine.

The second talk was by Dr Anita Takwale on the topic of how she assesses and manages hair loss. This is another area where hypnotherapy has a lot to offer. Whether male or female, young or old, hair loss can have a significant emotional impact. Yet the waiting lists for psychology and counselling services are often lengthy. A variety of hypno options could be provided, from generic or bespoke MP3s, through to group or 1-2-1 hypnotherapy sessions.

The final talk, by Dr Aparna Sinha, inspired me to think of the many areas where hypnotherapists could support the medical treatment for patients with hidradenitis. These include pain management, ego strengthening, relaxation, self-esteem… The list could go on.

UCLH Equality & Diversity Training

9 January 2024

As a hypnotherapist, trainer and business owner, it is important to keep up to date with my own professional development (CPD) and attend regular training, relating to both the strategic and operational sides of my work.

This training explored equality, diversity and human rights, and why they are important. We found out how policies and the law (such as the Equality Act) help create more inclusive workplaces and how ‘health inequalities’ can be reduced.

Very relevant for hypnotherapists was the section about people’s different backgrounds and why it is important not to make assumptions about people. This aligns very much with the Carl Rogers concept of ‘unconditional positive regard’.

Finally, the course explored how to challenge prejudice and discrimination.

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