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Dr Kate featured on Adam Eason’s ‘Hypnosis Weekly’ podcast

Dr Kate featured on Adam Eason’s ‘Hypnosis Weekly’ podcast

hypnosis weekly logo dr kate beaven-marksHypnoTC tutor Dr Kate Beaven-Marks recently joined Adam Eason on his Hypnosis Weekly Podcast. Adam’s podcast contains a wealth of information, and as well as coming from a fairly academic perspective, the podcasts Adam features are frequently highly engaging and entertaining. Hypnosis Weekly is definitely a great resource for both trainee hypnotherapists and those therapists who are more experienced in the field.

During the podcast, Adam and Kate discuss various different hypnotic thoughts and ideas, mainly focusing on the current standards in hypnotherapy training and how to go about raising them. A really interesting podcast with great points throughout.

As Kate is currently on the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council’s profession specific board for hypnotherapy, we felt that she was the ideal person to be having this specific conversation with Adam.

To listen to this podcast, simply use either of the buttons below (depending on whether you’d like to listen online now on the hypnosis weekly website, or you can download the podcast as an MP3 to listen later / on a device):

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…and if you have any questions about anything covered in the podcast, do by all means contact Kate.


– written by the HypnoTC team

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