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Please complete the application form below to register your interest in a place on our upcoming Hypnotherapy Diploma course. Be aware that this is the first stage of the application process, and filling in the application form does not guarantee your place on the course. If we have not spoken with you about your application already, we will contact you directly within 48 hours after receiving your application in order to arrange a short telephone interview.

Please note: The September 2022 Diploma course will be taught solely by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks.

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    I confirm that I have never suffered with any mental health conditions or psychological issues including bi-polar, schizophrenia, clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, PTSD/unresolved past trauma, uncontrolled panic attacks, epilepsy/uncontrolled seizures.*

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    I understand that this course is highly participative and that I will need to work on other students and be worked with by other students.

    I understand that a minimum of 120 hours classroom attendance is required in order to receive certification, and if miss a day/weekend I will need to have a catch-up session to make up my hours. I further understand that catch-up sessions are at an additional cost of £90 per day missed for the first 3 days missed, then £35 per hour missed for each additional hour required.

    I understand that there is a homework requirement of 330 hours that must be completed and all homework must be submitted (by email) by weekend 9 of the course. I further understand that all homework must be submitted and all examinations successfully completed in order to receive certification.

    I understand that all payments of course fees (including initial deposits) are non-refundable, and if I decide to cease my studies at any stage of the course before completion, the full course fee, if outstanding, will remain due, with consideration given for exceptional circumstances.

    I understand that this course will take place with between 8-18 students, and in the unlikely event that less than the minimum number of students join the course before the start date, I will have the option to defer my place to the next course or receive a full refund.

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