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Core Values Cards Hypnotc


What are Core Values?

Core values are principles or beliefs that a person views as being of central importance to them. Everyone has different core values, that have been developed and influenced both by everything that's happened in their lives, as well as their own individual personalities. So, even if two people were brought up in exactly the same way, their innate core values can still be dramatically different.

Core values are highly useful within the therapy process when you're working on formulating therapy goals. Ideally the goals that are set should connect to as many of the client's core values as possible. If the goal connects to none, then it may not be as strong as it could be. Also, by becoming aware of core values, clients are able to make decisions and plans that are strongly connected to the individual in question.

The Cards...

 This deck contains 108 different Core Values Cards...

Core Values Cards Hypnotc

From "accomplishment" through to "wisdom", these 108 core values have been handpicked so that any client, regardless of age, sex, race, location, will be able to select the core values that resonate with them personally.

Using the Cards...

Ask the client to take the whole deck of cards, and to deal them out into three stacks. These stacks are for low, medium and high priority (i.e. high=is most important to them, low=not important). Have them sort each core value according to their immediate, gut response. They are to do this with no thinking time:

Once that's done, discard the medium priority stack immediately, as these are 'neither/nor', so we don't need them. You're left with the low and high priority cards:

Ask the client to briefly look through the low priority stack to see if any of these core values were previously high priority. If so, ask them to consider, for a moment, why they might have changed... Then discard the low priority stack too, so you're left with just the high priority cards:

Now ask the client to select their 'top ten' core value cards from the high priority stack, and to arrange them in order from top priority down (i.e. put most important at the top, and least important at the bottom). Once this is done, you can then have them discard the bottom five (least important).

The remaining five cards are the client's core values:

Core Values Cards Therapy Therapist Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist Counsellor Counselling

Now Use Them!

So now you have an idea of how best to use these Core Values Cards.


Thank You!

We hope you enjoy your cards, and we'd like to thank you for your support!

If you have any comments or feedback about the cards or if there's anything that you would like to see added to this page, do contact us and let us know.




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