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Black Ops Hypnosis, Mind Control and Brainwashing

black ops hypnosis mind control brainwashing

Black ops hypnosis and mind control: Myths or facts?

Hypnotherapists get enquiries from all kinds of people, and for all sorts of problems and conditions. However, there’s one type of enquiry that sets the ‘alarm bells’ ringing immediately, and this is when someone is looking for help with a problem that (they suggest) involves an element of brainwashing, mind control or ‘black ops hypnosis’.

Usually, this takes the form of a person believing that someone they know has been brainwashed using hypnosis, rather than it being a concern about themselves (although, you might get those, but they tend to be much less common). It will also very often focus around an unwanted/unexpected type of behaviour that the other person is doing, that the person (who’s enquiring about hypnotherapy) does not like.

For the sake of simplicity, we are going to use the example of ‘cheating on a partner’ throughout this blog.


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Now, there can be many reasons people will allude to brainwashing and black ops hypnosis, however it often comes down to 3 things.

Firstly, it can be the inability to understand and accept what’s happening. With the cheating example, it might be that a person is concerned that their partner is cheating on them, but they do not accept that their partner would ever do this to them.

So, therefore (taking an illogical leap), it ‘MUST be an outside influence’ (such as perceived black ops hypnosis) that has caused this to happen, such as that the partner has been brainwashed to cheat against his/her will. This suggests a highly ‘external’ locus of control, which can include other unhealthy/unrealistic worldviews and ways of responding to various situations.

With clients that believe things are ‘done to them’ by external forces and who feel that they have little to no control over their lives, ego strengthening can be a useful addition to your overall therapeutic approach, to work on re-balancing their locus of control.

Secondly, it could be an assertiveness issue, whereby the person enquiring about hypnotherapy does not want to confront the partner (or 3rd person) about their concerns, and it’s easier for them to blame an external force (such as black ops hypnosis, black magic or even ‘voodoo’) than having to engage in a potentially uncomfortable confrontation with the people in question.

Again, ego strengthening could be used alongside hypnotic assertiveness training, in order to give the client the resources to be able to engage in difficult conversations so that they are then able to move beyond such issues.

It’s also worth noting that this lack of assertiveness (as well as the other potential reasons) can often be coupled with other factors, like a naturally high level of jealousy or mistrust, past experiences of phsyical/emotional abuse, and even drug use.

This generally means that client enquiries that include mention of black ops hypnosis, black magic, mind control and brainwashing will likely be complex cases, and will take a good level of experience to work with successfully (if you even choose to work with them at all).

Finally (and most commonly), these individuals can often be suffering with psychological/psychiatric issues. Extreme paranoia and blaming as well as a highly external locus of control can be indicators for this, and as you are probably aware, it’s unwise to work with clients that suffer from psychiatric disorders using hypnotherapy (unless you have specific experience working with such clients from a psychiatric perspective, but even then, we wouldn’t recommend it). Please do keep that point in mind, if you are ever in receipt of such an enquiry.

These types of hypnotherapy enquiry are actually quite common, so it’s important that they are recognised and dealt with for what they are. Generally, as a hypnotherapist, the best line of approach is to suggest that the person talks to their partner (or the 3rd party), perhaps with someone else to act as a mediator for the conversation, or that they seek counselling, psychotherapy or another non-hypnosis related form of talking therapy (either alone or with their partner, as required) in order to address their concerns.

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Though standard (non-hypnotic) brainwashing techniques and ‘black ops’ methods could feasibly be used to implant desired behaviours/thoughts, and might still be used by various clandestine government organisations and even religious or terrorist groups, they would almost certainly NOT use hypnosis. Why?

Well, because it simply wouldn’t work. It can be worth clarifying to any such enquirers that no one can hypnotise a subject into doing something against their will and morals, especially when asking them to do something so significant (going back to the example) as accepting sex from a new/unknown partner.

Tell them that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, this is why a stage hypnotist can only work with people that volunteer to join the show, and that anyone that doesn’t want to be hypnotised can simply resist and remain out of hypnosis.

Let them know that hypnosis is also not ‘black magic’ or ‘voodoo‘, and cannot be used to control someone’s mind – it is a collaborative process whereby both parties (hypnotist and subject) are working together to a mutually accepted goal.

This is why clients that are made to come to a hypnotherapy session to stop smoking (by their husband/wife) are highly likely to keep smoking, because the hypnotherapist is trying to do something against their will, which means it will not work.

In real life (and yes, unfortunately it probably might still happen), brainwashing is likely achieved using coercive mental manipulation (such as sleep deprivation and ongoing terrorisation), physical manipulation (such as causing pain, starvation and physical restraint), brainwashing approaches (including ongoing repetition over an extended period of time), and also (often) the use of mind altering substances to create a more receptive state.

However, it’s unlikely that your average Joe (or Jane) will have experienced such things. If someone honestly believes they or a partner have been brainwashed, then it’d be something that would need to be reported (by them) to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

At the end of the day, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can not be used to brainwash or control peoples minds. There is no ‘black ops hypnosis’, because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so to use hypnosis for such harmful purposes would not work (as the client/subject would not allow it to work).

Whenever you’re in hypnosis, you’re also in control, meaning you can choose to exit hypnosis whenever you desire and disregard any suggestions that you do not wish to carry out (this is true even of those people ‘deeply hypnotised’ on stage at hypnosis shows).

So, if you have an enquiry from someone that believes they (or someone they know) are the victims of black ops hypnosis, black magic, voodoo or even government mind control, take it with a pinch of salt and refer them on to someone that can deal with them more appropriately.

We hope that this blog on the topic of black ops hypnosis, mind control and brainwashing has been helpful to you. If you have any more questions about this topic or anything else for that matter, do please get in touch, because we’re always happy to help!


– written by the HypnoTC team

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