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The Benefits of CPD
(Continuing Professional Development )

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What is CPD?

To understand the benefits of CPD it helps to know what is involved in CPD. Although requirements can differ from one profession to another, for the hypnotherapy profession CPD means that you commit to engaging in learning activities to enhance and develop your professional knowledge and skills, relating to your therapy and the management of your therapy business.

This may include reading books, watching videos, networking and learning from the good practice of others, to refresh existing skills, develop new approaches, gain greater understanding and keep up-to-date with new knowledge and developments in the field.  CPD is a vital component of career progression.

At HypnoTC we are keen to help our graduates and other hypnotherapists update their skills, knowledge and professional practice, by following a pathway to excellence.

Hypnotherapy Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a key aspect of being a professional hypnotherapist. It helps to enhance competence, improve client outcomes and keep up to date with the broader developments in healthcare.

Benefits of CPD: It helps develop client-centred care

Ongoing development helps you maintain the highest standards of client-centred care, leading to optimal positive client outcomes.  At every stage of the hypnotherapy process, from the information on your website, through working with clients, to post-therapy follow-up work, effective client-centred care enhances the engagement and satisfaction of the clients.

When you engage in active CPD (e.g., attend seminars and participate in workshops) as part of your professional practice, your clients will directly benefit from your enhanced knowledge and hypnotherapy skills. However, client-therapeutic relationships will also benefit from natural increases in your communication skills, rapport, compassion, empathy, emotional intelligence, and cultural competence.  


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Benefits of CPD: It enhances therapeutic competence

Strong initial training takes you to a level of competence that enables you to work effectively with clients. As you evolve in your hypnotherapy case work, particularly when you work with more complex cases, you will benefit from a deeper understanding of related aspects of your practice, including advancement in techniques and hypnotherapy methodology.

Developing your therapeutic scope of competence enables you to make better informed decisions, conduct more focused client intakes and implement highly-targeted hypnotherapy treatment plans.


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Benefits of CPD: It increases professional and personal growth

Your professional and personal growth may have different developmental routes, yet both come together synergistically to enable you to be the best hypnotherapist you can be.

In addition to the clearly tangible benefits of expanded knowledge and enhanced skills, the emotional benefits, such as increased confidence and self-esteem are a thread that runs through every aspect of your life.

By engaging in growth activities, you will be in a stronger position to develop and evolve your business, whether that takes the form of more confidence to face new challenges, to network and promote your business, to share ideas and collaborate with your peers, even to contribute to the advancement of the hypnotherapy field.


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Benefits of CPD: It raises standards, legislation, regulation and research awareness

However awesome your initial training, such as the HypnoTC Diploma, the hypnotherapy industry and the broader legislation and standards change and evolve.

By regularly raising your awareness of these areas of professional practice you are better able to regularly review and update your hypnotherapy business policies, procedures, protocols, practices and guidelines.

Furthermore, by keeping up to date in your knowledge and understanding of hypnotherapy research and business good practice, you are better able to offer evidence-informed and evidence-supported bespoke care to best suit each individual client’s needs.

Such work can help you remain compliant with both legal and professional requirements, minimising legal risks, promoting client safety and ultimately protecting the reputation of your therapy business.

Professional Development and CPD Courses

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At HypnoTC, we recognise the benefits of CPD and are committed to providing high-quality professional hypnotherapy training and development activities. 

Below is a selection of our most popular training. However, if there is something you have a strong desire to learn and would like HypnoTC help you, then do feel free to contact us and we can explore what you need.


HypnoDemo training

This two-day in-person workshop is focused on developing your hypnotherapy demonstration and presentation skills, helping you answer the “Can you show me something?” question with informative talks, interesting demonstrations and well-received group hypnosis sessions. This is a great course for those wishing to reach a wider audience and promote their therapy practice. 

HypnoDemo course

Hypno-EMDR workshop

The Hypno-EMDR practical skills workshop teaches you how to use Hypno-EMDR tools and techniques with your clients. It is usually taught online, giving you the real-world experience and the opportunity to develop your ability to work on Zoom as well as gaining the knowledge of how to work with clients in the therapy room.

Hypno-EMDR course

Pain Management for Hypnotherapist

This one-day workshop can be delivered either online and in-person. The workshop is highly interactive, with practical activities for a range of hypnotherapy approaches and techniques. In addition, supporting theory is provided to give a greater understanding of the components of pain and how to address each individual’s clients needs.

Pain Management for Hypnotherapists course

Practitioner Development Day

Each separate Practitioner Development Day will have different content, offering you a great route towards the latest in updates in the hypnotherapy field. The informative and practical day will be a blend of techniques and hypnotherapeutic content, together with opportunities to share good practice and learn from knowledge and experiences of other hypnotherapists.

Practitioner Development Day

Rapid Inductions and Instant Hypnosis

Did you miss out on learning rapid inductions during your initial training? Many tutors lack the knowledge or skill to confidently teach these. At HypnoTC, our tutors can help you become a Rapid Induction Specialist, and feel both competent and confident at the end of the in-person workshop.

Find out more about our Rapid Induction and Instant Hypnosis Course

Rapid Hypnotherapy Training

This training, taught in-person, is ideal for any talking therapist (such as counsellors and CBT therapists) who wish to add hypnotherapy techniques and approaches to their existing therapy practice. It is also great for hypnotherapists who are new to working rapidly and wish to develop their understanding and skills.

Rapid Hypnotherapy Training

Rapid Therapy Approaches

This highly practical workshop, which can be delivered live online or in-person teaches a range of rapid suggestibility tests, inductions, deepeners and rapid therapeutic techniques that will help you optimise your hypnotherapy session time and give your client quick and efficient change-work.

Rapid Therapy Approaches Workshop

Self-Hypnosis Training

Whether you wish to learn self-hypnosis for personal development, or be able to effectively teach clients how to use and benefit from self-hypnosis, this practical workshop takes you through a range of ways to create the self-hypnotic state, and a number of specific therapeutic applications. This workshop can be delivered live online or in-person.

Self-Hypnosis Training

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Questions or requests? 


More information is about these CPD training events is available on their respective training pages. If you still have questions, do feel free to contact Dr Kate.

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What is it used for?

  • Anger
  • Anxiety (past, present, future events)
  • Changework integration
  • Disturbance
  • Ego strengthening
  • Future pacing 
  • Grief
  • Guilt
  • Insomnia and sleep issues
  • Jealousy
  • Performance anxiety/issues
  • Phobias
  • Positivity enhancement
  • PTSD
  • Relationship issues
  • Shame
  • Sport performance anxieties
  • Trauma
  • Weight management
  • …and much more…
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Hypno-EMDR Training

The 3-stage Hypno-EMDR training programme

Hypno-EMDR training consists of three components:

  • A live online practical skills workshop (this course)
  • An online practitioner-level training course
  • An in-person master-practitioner training course (coming in 2024)

We have now launched our Hypno-EMDR online practitioner course with our sister company,

This online course enables you to study at your own pace and has both training videos and a detailed course manual. It is a superb accompaniment to the live online practical skills workshop.

We will be launching our in-person master practitioner course in 2024.

The Hypno-EMDR practical skills workshop is a fantastic place to get started, and you’ll learn exactly how to apply Hypno-EMDR in your own hypnotherapy practice!

We recommend that you take the online practitioner-level training before taking this course, so you’re then able to practice and apply all that you’ve learned when you join us live-online for the practical skills training. However, you’re welcome to join this course before taking the practitioner training if you wish – though this course is focused on the practical application of Hypno-EMDR, rather than the theory and associated processes that you’ll learn on the practitioner course.

In order to be eligible for the Hypno-EMDR master-practitioner training, you must first complete both the practitioner course and the practical skills workshop.

EMDR for Hypnotherapists

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