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Jodie Phillips

Alumni of 2020

Me Again Therapy, Warwickshire, UK
07979 455342


Jodie Phillips

D.Hyp, CH

Jodie Phillips, the founder of Me Again Therapy, is a hypnotherapist specialising in helping women to overcome anxiety, fear and phobias.

Building a career developing management teams in the retail sector, she took the opportunity to change direction during 2020 to work 1:1 with clients to take control of their minds, reducing anxiety and building their confidence.

Jodie, having overcome her own crippling fear of driving, through the use of hypnosis, was inspired to retrain in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. She now works globally with anxious women who are looking to resolve their root cause of overwhelm. Jodie helps them to recognise all parts they associate with anxiety and address them, so that they can truly live their life fully.

I found hypnosis to be life-changing and I wanted to help others to make similar changes in their lives.

During the training, I learned and practiced hypnotherapy every month. My confidence grew and established the hypnotherapist I am today. I learn each and every time I meet and hypnosise a client. I ensure I prioritise CPD training to continue to support mine and my clients’ growth.

I am fascinated by each client’s story, what has impacted their life and how easily these can be changed to positive effect within the session. I specialise helping women with anxiety, fears and phobias. I am particularly passionate about helping anxious drivers to build their confidence to enjoy driving, so that no road, junction or motorway stops them from living their life fully.

Jodie is a good listener, she pays attention to the words you use and guides a session which is right for you. I felt very relaxed regarding an issue which had caused me pain and it helped me to finally let go of the feelings surrounding it.

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