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1-to-1 Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

+ International NGH Certificate
+ HPD Level 4

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Why 1-to-1 Training?

For those students who wish for private 1-to-1 tuition or for their hypnotherapy training to meet a different schedule than is available for our standard ‘monthly attendance’ diploma training, we offer private 1-to-1 training in an ‘intensive’ format (at additional costs – see below). There are two options for 1-to-1 hypnotherapy training, which are the full HypnoTC Diploma training (20 days) and the shorter ‘international certificate’ course (10 days).

1-to-1 Hypnotherapy Diploma Training

Our 1-to-1 hypnotherapy diploma training has identical modules and accreditation to that of our standard monthly-attendance courses (see the full diploma course details here). As with the standard diploma training, you are eligible to receive your qualification(s) when the following is met:

  • 120 hours face-to-face tuition (in-person), as either 15 days (8 hours a day excluding breaks), or the more intensive 12 days (10 hours a day excluding breaks)  
  • 165 hours of directed homework tasks (e.g. completing homework tasks that are set alongside the diploma course, including the HPD portfolio & case studies)
  • 165 hours of self-directed homework (e.g. watching related YouTube videos, developing your hypnosis resources, reading relevant hypnotherapy or business books)
  • Passing all three examinations: one short question paper (multiple choice/short answers), one theory paper (writing treatment plans for 3 case study scenarios), and one practical exam. We thoroughly prepare you for those examinations

Our Hypnotherapy Diploma course has been externally assessed and accredited at Practitioner Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC/GHR), to ‘Accredited Practitioner Diploma’ Level with the British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP (BIH) and has been further accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). 

The HPD (NCH) has been externally assessed and accredited as a Level 4 course by NCFE.

Upon qualification, graduates of this course will be eligible to register with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and will receive their first years’ membership with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). For more information, see our accreditations & certification page.

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1-to-1 International Hypnotherapy Certificate Training

Our shorter ‘international certification’ course is just 10 days in duration (10 hours a day excluding breaks). The training can be provided either in-person or live online. This course contains the ‘core modules’ from the full diploma course (so the first 6 days of training) as well as a range of behavioural, cognitive, analytical and regression techniques (there is flexibility as to what techniques/approaches would be most useful for you). Whilst this course doesn’t meet the UK core curriculum (or attract the corresponding accreditations), it does meet the National Guild of Hypnotists’ international certification requirements (and includes your first year of membership with the NGH), subject to passing the 3 examinations (as mentioned previously). HPD Portfolio and case studies do not need to be completed for this qualification.

This international certification enables you to use the post-nominals C.H. and the most appropriate certification title for your intended country of use (either ‘Certified Hypnotherapist’, ‘Certified Hypnotist’, or ‘Certified Consulting Hypnotist’).

Our 1-to-1 courses are intensive and highly focused on practical work. You will be able to observe demonstrations of techniques and then both give and receive these techniques as well as receiving constructive feedback. We are very focused on our students developing confidence and competence in their practical skills, as well as having the underpinning knowledge and understanding to support those skills.


After you’ve chosen which 1-to-1 course you would like to take, we will need to know your availability in order to arrange training dates. Keep in mind, as we run our diploma course and other CPD courses at weekends, 1-to-1 training is likely to take place mainly on weekdays.

Our 1-to-1 training courses are generally provided in blocks of 3-5 days. The intervals between those blocks are by arrangement. If you are able to be in the UK for a couple of months, you might prefer to have a one-week or two-week interval between each training segment. This would allow you greater processing time. However, if you need these to be consecutive and intensive, that can also be arranged.


The fee for our 1-to-1 hypnotherapy training has been priced as competitively as possible.

The 1-to-1 HypnoTC diploma fee is £15,100. This includes all tuition, course materials, examinations and certification.

The 1-to-1 international certificate fee is £12,260 for in-person training and £8245 for live online (via Zoom). This includes all tuition, course materials, examinations and certification.

Our standard 1-to-1 ‘day rate’ is £1000 per day (per tutor + teaching assistant). So ordinarily, to engage in 1-to-1 training with both of us for 20 days would cost £20,000. As these course offer a significant discount from our standard day rate no adjustments can be made to the 1-to-1 tuition fees. 

As mentioned, this 1-to-1 option is designed solely for people who cannot make it to the group courses that we run throughout the year. Our group Diploma course fee is just £3,795 per person. However, it is priced this way because we have 16 students per course, which makes it a much more viable option for the majority of budgets, the only downside being that you must attend on the pre-specified dates. Our NGH certificate training is a blended learning course, held live online, supported by prepared videos and training content, and is just £1795.

We are certainly confident that our intensive 1-to-1 training is amongst the best in the UK (if not the world) and many of the intensive group trainings (that we’re aware of) cannot offer anywhere near the depth and quality of training that we are able to provide you with.

Enrol Now

…but before you book your place…

We like to know who is joining our course, and as well as ensuring this is the right course for you, we also like to make sure that you are right for the course. By enrolling individuals who are a ‘good fit’, we work towards creating a positive learning environment for all students (including you).

As such, unless we’ve already spoken to you in person, please give us a call so that we can have a quick chat to make 100% sure that you’re in the right place and that this is the ideal course/option for you. Please feel free to speak directly with Dr Kate  +44 (0)7769 697 770 to discuss your needs.

Once that’s done, we’ll let you know how to proceed and book your 1-to-1 hypnotherapy training.

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