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Welcome to HypnoTC

The Hypnotherapy Training Company


We are an award-winning hypnotherapy training school based in London. With decades of experience, our dedicated tutors are experts in their field and are well respected figures in the hypnosis and hypnotherapy community. 

With hundreds of satisfied graduates across the UK and internationally, as well as a range of top-tier accreditations, our professional hypnotherapy practitioner training is widely regarded as among the best in the world.

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks of HypnoTC

Professional Hypnotherapy Training

HypnoTC was established in 2015 and has grown to be recognised as a provider of world-class hypnotherapy training.

Dr Kate, who has over 25 years’ experience in the hypnosis industry, leads on all HypnoTC hypnotherapy training courses.

Our practitioner training provides three qualifications:

  • the HypnoTC Diploma
  • the Level 4 Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD)
  • the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Certified Hypnotherapist certification

Taking the PATH to Professional Excellence

Dr Kate’s vast experience has been used to develop our model of training, Professional Applied Therapeutic Hypnosis (PATH). 

Our comprehensive and evidence-based hypnotherapy training courses are strategically structured to optimise your learning, developing both confidence and competence.

You will get plenty of practical experience and learn vital underpinning theory, so that you know what you’re going to do and why. This enables you to truly work with each client on a bespoke basis.

Student & Graduate Community

We are committed to providing you with an outstanding student and graduate experience.

We provide support from the moment you sign up, thoroughout your training and on into your career as a professional hypnotherapist.

We have a thriving forum which is exclusive to all HypnoTC students and graduates.

Graduates benefit from preferential rates for all HypnoTC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training.

Expert Trainers

Our hypnotherapy trainers are amongst the best in the world, with decades of experience.

Award-Winning School

Winner of a national business award for hypnotherapy training.

Certified & Accredited

Our Hypnotherapy Diploma course is fully certified and externally accredited.

Payment Plans

Easy, monthly payment options available.

Industry-Leading Training

We teach everything you need to become a confident and competent professional hypnotherapist.

Our Popular Hypnotherapy Training Courses

We have an upcoming FREE ‘introduction to hypnotherapy’ taster event with spaces available to book now. This is the perfect opportunity to start your hypnotherapy journey, and figure out if our courses are the right fit for you. We are also now accepting students onto the next hypnotherapy diploma course in central London – this is your opportunity to become a confident, internationally qualified hypnotherapist with one of the UK’s top hypnotherapy training schools.

Who are HypnoTC?

We are an international hypnotherapy training school, based primarily in London, UK. Our highly experienced and dedicated lead trainer, Dr Kate Beaven-Marks, is widely respected as a skilled hypnotherapy teacher, with decades of experience, including teaching hypnotherapy and psychology in Further and Higher Education. She delights in teaching at all levels, from complete beginners up to Masters degree (MSc Clinical Hypnotherapy).

Dr Kate is frequently invited to speak at conferences around the world, and has authored a number of books on hypnosis and hypnotherapy topics.

As well as teaching, Dr Kate has a deep practical and theoretical knowledge of hypnotherapy, developed from many years of successful work with hypnotherapy clients, both in private practice and the NHS.

Dr Kate’s diverse specialisms include: cognitive hypnotherapy, behavioural hypnotherapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, analytical hypnotherapy, regression to cause, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), content-free hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy approaches, instant/ rapid inductions, and much more.

Dr Kate’s research during her doctoral studies – into how hypnosis and hypnotherapy is learned and taught – strongly contributed to the development of the HypnoTC training courses. She has a deep knowledge and insight into how to teach most effectively, as well as what people need to optimise their learning and develop into professional hypnotherapy practitioners.

Our mission at HypnoTC is to provide the high standard of training necessary for our students to work with each client as an individual. Students develop the knowledge and skills to identify their client’s needs and goals, and provide bespoke therapy, rather than having to make a client fit a general script or technique.

Why choose HypnoTC?

Our flagship practitioner-level course, the HypnoTC Hypnotherapy Diploma, is based in London, UK; well-located for national and international travel links.

Our course, which is designed for people who truly wish to be professional practitioners and excel as hypnotherapists, draws on our vast knowledge and hands-on, practical experience, gained from working with real clients. You will discover that this course is taught with a true passion for the subjects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

In addition to our outstanding hypnotherapy practitioner training, we provide a range of relevant ongoing development courses, which are available to both our graduates and hypnotherapists who have trained elsewhere.

We recognise that not all hypnotherapy courses are taught to the same standard and offer both refresher and upskilling routes to practitioner level.

Our past students have said they received the very best professional hypnotherapy diploma training that the UK has to offer – some say in the world!

We are 100% dedicated to making sure that you will gain the wealth of practical skills and knowledge that you will need to become a highly effective and successful professional hypnotherapist.

We understand that ongoing support is a fundamental component of a successful career and we are always available to support you, from the moment you join us at the start of your training and throughout your career.

To learn more about HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company, Dr Kate and the team, please visit our About Us page.

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